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12 Delicious Matcha Recipes

Matcha has become a commonplace ingredient in lattes, smoothies and more, – and it’s for good reason.  Unlike traditional green tea, matcha is made from powdered whole tea leaves, meaning you get a potent boost of antioxidants.  Matcha tea converts love the natural boost of energy it gives, but you can also expect benefits like a metabolism boost, protection against heart disease and lowered cholesterol.  Plus, the vibrant color of matcha is due to its high chlorophyll content, a nutrient that helps detoxify, reduce inflammation and boost immunity.  If you’d like to enjoy your matcha beyond the mug, these great recipes are perfect!



Lemon Matcha Truffles // Tales of a Kitchen

With macadamia nuts and coconut, these lemon matcha truffles are a delicious treat that is loaded with plenty of healthy fats.


Chocolate Matcha Chia Pudding // Katalyst Health

If you’d like a little chocolate with your matcha, this pudding which is free of any refined sugars and is gluten-free, is perfect for dessert but also healthy enough to enjoy for breakfast!


No-Bake Matcha Green Tea Macaroons // Peachy Palate

These delectable no-bake macaroons are the perfect combination of matcha, coconut and cacao.


Vegan Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Matcha Cashew Filling // The Baker Who Kerns

This delicious vegan recipe puts a gourmet twist on the classic sandwich cookie.  A creamy cashew matcha filling is sandwiched between two perfectly sweet chocolate cookies for a perfect bite.


Green Tea Honeydew Smoothie // Turnip the Oven

Honeydew is the star of this refreshing smoothie, which contains nutritional powerhouses like spinach and chia seeds in addition to the matcha.


Matcha Rainbow Overnight Oats // Abbey’s Kitchen

Prep these overnight oats the night before and you’ll wake up to a delicious and nutritious breakfast, which you can top with a rainbow of fresh fruit and shredded coconut.


Matcha Chocolate Mint Shake // Chard in Charge

This green smoothie tastes just like a mint chocolate shake!  Sweetened naturally with dates.


Coconut Matcha Horchata // Snixy Kitchen

This creamy, satisfying drink has the perfect ratio of coconut to matcha.


 Pistachio Matcha Chocolate Cups // My Darling Vegan

Move over, PB cups!  A homemade pistachio and matcha butter is the filling of these beautiful and vegan-friendly chocolate cups.


Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte // Amazingly Tasty

Made with almond milk, this iced latte is a refreshing way to enjoy  matcha green tea.


Coconut Matcha Energy Bars // Grateful Grazer

With nuts, seeds, coconut and matcha, these beautiful bars will give you a perfect midday boost of energy.


Mini Matcha Cheesecakes // Vegan Heaven

Made with a cashew and coconut cream, these perfectly portioned cheesecakes are vegan-friendly.


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