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Six Songs to Add to Your Workout Playlist

Erin Stutland says she wears out workout songs like sneakers, and changes her playlist monthly.  If you’re looking for a new song to add to your playlist, check out these suggestions.

Monica from Run Eat Repeat is loving Sia’s “Chandelier”, saying it just gets her moving.

The128 BPM makes “Summer’ by Calvin Harris a great workout song.

Jenn from Fit Bottomed Girls says “What Doesn’t Kill You” by Jake Bugg is her favorite workout song.  She loves that is is high energy, and that the message can be applied to both workouts and life!

We agree with Beyonce when she says “A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody” .  Check out the extended version of “Get Me Bodied”

Jess from Big City Little Blog says “I’m So Fancy” by Iggy Azalea is her summer jam!  The upbeat music makes her want to dance, making it a great choice for the gym.

 Shakira has lots of great workout songs and “Dare (La La La” is not exception!

Five Mantras to Help You Stay Motivated

When you’re trying to stick to a healthy routine, having a wide range of motivation techniques in your arsenal can help you stay successful.  Keep these motivation tips in mind for when you need an extra boost.

improve your argument

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Just Do It

Monica from Run Eat Repeat suggests just getting out there, even for a short workout.  She points out that you’ll often feel good once you start exercising.  To set yourself up for success, set a plan for when you’ll exercise and what you’ll do ahead of time.  Make sure you have your workout gear ready so you won’t have any excuses.

Keep It Fun

Jenn from Fit Bottomed Girls recommends finding something you love and doing it often. Once you’ve found a workout you enjoy, it’s easier to create a regular routine.  However, don’t feel like you need to stick to the same thing.  Once you’ve developed a habit of regular exercise, it’s easier to branch out and try to things to keep your workouts enjoyable.


Photo by Arya Ziai

Take It One Day at a Time

Janetha from Meals and Moves loves the saying  “I cannot build a wall in one day, but I can perfectly lay this brick today.”  She says it can be overwhelming to look at the big picture, but if you just focus on what you have to do today, things are a lot easier. Even breaking down your day into smaller, more manageable chunks can be helpful.

Be Social

Jenn also recommends bringing a bud, because everything is better with friends!  Working out with a buddy has actually been shown to help increase your performance.  Also, when you make plans with a friend to workout, you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable and follow through on your planning.  If you can’t find a workout buddy, the group feel of a fitness class is another good option.  Try booking the class ahead of time rather than just dropping in if you’re having trouble sticking to your plans.


Photo by Arya Ziai

Re-Think Your Goals

Jess from Big City Little Blog reminds us that it can take 2-6 weeks to see results and, even then, they aren’t usually dramatic.  When she set herself of goal of losing weight, she found that she didn’t really lose much weight – but she did have increased strength and muscle definition.  Setting a goal for overall improved fitness or to complete a certain exercise may be more attainable than specific goals like a number on the scale.


Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Unhealthy Cravings

We all get cravings from time to time, which can threaten to derail our healthy eating habits.  In this post, Sarah Grace from Fresh Fit N Healthy provides advice on how to handle cravings.

Allow Yourself to Indulge

Sarah used to struggle with cravings, especially at night.  She suggests allowing yourself to indulge in appropriate portions, while eating healthy 80% of the time.  Sarah also cautions against putting foods on a do not eat list, as she feels restricting yourself only increases the craving, which can lead to overindulging.   When indulging your cravings, ensure that you are using portion control, such as measuring out a serving of chips instead of eating directly out of the bag.  It’s also a good idea to choose options that contain fiber or protein, to help keep you feeling satisfied.

Satisfying Sweet Cravings


minichocolatecake (1)

Sarah has a weakness for chocolate, but she points out that it’s fine to indulge in a little dark chocolate daily (she pops dark chocolate chips in the freezer, and takes a few out for a treat!) .  Dark chocolate has benefits including improved heart health, decreased risk of diabetes and has mood-boosting properties.  In fact, consumption of dark chocolate has also been shown to decrease cravings.  If you’re craving baked goods, try Sarah’s Single Lady Chocolate Cake, which can be made in under 5 minutes, or her Raw Mocha Coconut Brownie Tarts.

proteinbars chocolatepbshake

At night, Sarah likes to choose options that have protein.  Protein consists of amino acids which help your body repair itself, making protein a good nighttime option.  There is also some evidence that eating protein at night helps to keep your metabolism high.  Try her Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake or No Bake Chocolate Protein Bars.

If you’re craving chocolate but not really hungry, Sarah suggests heating up almond milk and mixing in chocolate greens powder.  She says it tastes just like hot chocolate, but you still get the nutrients of the greens.

Satisfying Salty Cravings

Sarah’s go-to for satisfying salty cravings is a fat-free, single-serving bag of popcorn.  She also enjoys toasting a wrap topped with a little olive oil and salt. Pistachios are another great option – they’re full of antioxidants and are one of the lowest calorie nuts – there are 160 calories in 49 pistachios.

Swap it Out

If you have a favorite recipe but want to make it a little healthier, there are some simple swaps you can make.  Sarah suggests using heart-healthy avocado as a substitute for fats such as butter and mayonnaise. If you’re baking with oil, apple sauce makes a great low calorie and low fat substitute. Check out Sarah’s blog for more healthy swaps, such as this pudding recipe that uses tofu as a base!