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5 Healthy Appetizers for Holiday Get-Togethers

One pig in a blanket here, a few bites of baked brie there, and before you know if you’ve eaten your entire day’s worth of calories with just a few appetizers. Avoid holiday weight gain with these easy appetizers that keep their focus on healthy ingredients so you can indulge guilt-free.


Spring Rolls with Orange Dipping Sauce

These Spring Rolls with Orange Dipping Sauce from This Homemade Life are packed with fresh veggies.  They’re also not fried, making them a healthy option that pair well with a quick orange dipping sauce. Continue reading

5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

You know the feeling, you just want one more glass of eggnog, but you just can’t decide if the extra 250 calories are worth it. Between celebrations with friends, office parties and family gatherings, it can be difficult to stay on track throughout the holiday season.  Our trainers know it can be difficult to say no to celebrating so they let us in on their secrets for staying fit during December.



Use Moderation

Caleb Christian, trainer at David Barton Gym, says moderation is key.  If you try to avoid holiday indulgences, you’ll feel deprived which can lead to overeating later.  Caleb suggests cutting things in half.  For example, instead of buying a dozen cookies, get six. It’s also a great idea to choose the things you really enjoy rather than sampling everything.

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A Sexy Body is Great, But Find Out 13 Other Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

People hit the gym and go for hour-long runs to improve their fitness, tone their muscles and get a rockin’ bod. But, there are so many other benefits that come from working out that often go overlooked. Read up on how exercising can improve your mood and overall mental wellness, and you’ll be inspired to start pounding the pavement.

  1. Reduce Stress

Busy day at the office? We understand. Take a walk around your neighborhood or try a new workout to relieve your stress. Working up a sweat increases concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that moderates the brain’s reaction to stress. So, get sweaty and you’ll reduce your stress in no time.

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