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Post-Workout Nutrition Tips from a Nutrition Coach

By: Jen Elliott


What do I eat after workout? Do I have to eat something, even if I’m not hungry? How long can I wait before I need to eat after a workout?

As a wellness coach and group fitness instructor, I receive a host of different questions around post-workout nutrition. The basic answer is a post-workout meal or snack should be a top priority in your workout program. When working out, doing awesome videos you can find right here on the Booya site, you are using your body’s energy stores. The body stores energy in the form of glycogen, for use during a workout. While the end result of a resistance training program will be stronger and hopefully larger muscles, the process of lifting weights is actually tearing your muscles.

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Before Losing Weight, Get Your Head Straight


“I know what to do, I just have to do it.”

Sound familiar? As a private practice dietitian/nutritionist working mainly with clients who have spent most their lives yo-yo dieting, it’s a sentiment I hear quite frequently. If I had a quarter for every time someone uttered that phrase to me, well, I wouldn’t be rich, but I would definitely have enough to pick up those Frye booties I’ve been eyeballing.

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Eating Healthy On a Budget

If the cost of fresh produce has you doing a double take, don’t fret.  It IS completely possible to eat healthy without wondering where the money from your hard-earned paycheck disappeared to.  Missy from Graceful Little Honey Bee  and Jessi from The Budget Mama share their top tips for eating a well-rounded healthy diet while on a budget.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Not only does planning help with meal prep, but it’s also a great way to save some dough.  Missy recommends taking a peak in your pantry before you start planning out your meals for the week so that you’re able to use up what you already have. Jessi also loves this method because you cut down on food waste. You can also take a look through grocery store flyers to help plan your meals around what is on sale.  Check out Missy’s free printable meal plan to help you organize a weak’s worth of frugal meals at a time.

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