Monthly Archives: January 2016


Join Us for The Resolution Challenge to Win Amazing Prizes!

No matter what your health and wellness goals are this year, it’s always great to be inspired!   Which is exactly why we’re launching The Resolution Challenge in which 9 winners will be chosen to win prizes worth up to $1,000 in total!

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We’re Teaming Up with Verizon for #WhyNotWednesday!

We’re pleased to announced that we’re teaming up with Verizon today for #WhyNotWednesday!  Every week at, Verizon allows their customers a sample of the best of the digital world.

This Wednesday, January 13th starting at 10AM EST, all eligible Verizon customers will have access to a Free 45-Day Trial to Booya Fitness!  This is the perfect opportunity to try out that boutique workout you’ve had your eye on from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else convenient!)

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Healthy Single-Serving Dessert Recipes

We get it.  Sometimes you just need a little sweet.  But, we also know that baking a full batch of cookies can be crazy tempting.  These single serve desserts allow you the perfectly portioned sweet for a healthier option.



Microwave Protein Blondie Cake // Food By Mars

With coconut flour, protein powder and maca powder, this nutritious blondie is made in a pinch in the microwave.

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