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Ilya Yakubovich

12 Delicious Matcha Recipes

Matcha has become a commonplace ingredient in lattes, smoothies and more, – and it’s for good reason.  Unlike traditional green tea, matcha is made from powdered whole tea leaves, meaning you get a potent boost of antioxidants.  Matcha tea converts love the natural boost of energy it gives, but you can also expect benefits like a metabolism boost, protection against heart disease and lowered cholesterol.  Plus, the vibrant color of matcha is due to its high chlorophyll content, a nutrient that helps detoxify, reduce inflammation and boost immunity.  If you’d like to enjoy your matcha beyond the mug, these great recipes are perfect!



Lemon Matcha Truffles // Tales of a Kitchen

With macadamia nuts and coconut, these lemon matcha truffles are a delicious treat that is loaded with plenty of healthy fats.

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8 Different Squats to Try

There’s certainly no arguing with squats – they’re an ideal exercise for sculpting and strengthening the quads, booty and calves, plus, because you’re involving such a large muscle group, they also burn calories.   But, switching things up is a great way to challenge your lower body in a different way.  The next time you’re getting ready to drop it like a squat, try these variations.


Squat Press

By adding weights to your squat, you’re really loading your legs, which helps you to build greater strength in fewer reps.  This variation also includes a shoulder press to incorporate your arms and help you burn more calories.  Dumbbells in hand and feet  shoulder-width apart, sit back into your squat, keeping your knees in line with your ankles.  Exhale as you stand up, driving the weights above your head and squeezing your backside at the top.

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Outdoor workouts

Outdoor Workout Essentials

In addition to getting some fresh air and Vitamin D, taking your workout outdoors can also be great for your performance.  The uneven terrain and elements make the workout more challenging, upping your results and calorie burn.  You can also expect to feel more energized and enthusiastic, making your workout feel better overall.  If you’re ready to move beyond the gym, check out these workout essentials which are perfect for the outdoors.eko-sl-68-zuri-01

Manduka eko Superlite Travel Mat

Having a mat is essential for cushion and grip, but toting around your usual yoga mat isn’t always practical.  This incredibly light mat folds up, making it easy to tuck into any bag or under your arm.  It’s also made of sustainable rubber, making it an eco-friendly option.

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