22 Top Juices for Every Reason Under the Sun

Fresh pressed juices are a great way to deliver a powerful mixture of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to your body.  Depending on the ingredients used, juice can provide a number of benefits (think: glowing skin) and also give you a pre-workout boost.


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Detox Orange Carrot Juice from Post Modern Kitchen

The kicker in this juice comes from turmeric, a spice that boosts digestion, reduces inflammation and helps to rid the body of all those toxins.  In addition to antioxidants, the carrots are helpful in reducing bloating, in case you’ve overindulged.


Cranberry Apple Detox Juice from Jesse Lane Wellness

This tasty juice is filled with delicious and nutritious ingredients!  Cranberries are full of antioxidants and are also helpful in preventing infections, while the apples help keep your blood sugar stable.  Add ginger and lemon to improve your digestion and cleanse your body.


Fennel and Apple Detox Juice from Tastes Lovely

Get a dose of great nutrients with this juice!  Key ingredients include fennel and spinach for antioxidants, and lemon juice for its detoxifying properties.



Healthy Beetroot and Apple Juice from FoodRecipesHQ

This refreshing juice will help energize you!  Beets are great for boosting stamina to help keep you energized throughout the day, and the apple juice is lower on the glycemic index so it’ll digest more slowly for sustained energy.


Rejuvenating Citrus Juice from Dolly and Oatmeal

This juice is the perfect pick-me-up.  Oranges and coconut water help to hydrate your body, while apple cider vinegar reduces fatigue and improves digestion.  Add a dash of turmeric for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.



Watermelon Thirst Quencher Juice from Kirbie’s Cravings

Because this refreshing juice is made from watermelon, it’s primarily water and is a great way to rehydrate.  We love the addition of lime juice to add flavor.


 Cucumber Mint & Apple Juice from Mason Jar Salads

Cucumber is a great vegetable for hydration, and the apple provides necessary electrolytes in the form of potassium.  Adding mint to the juice helps refresh you and also helps boost digestion.

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Strawberry-Watermelon Refresher Juice from Blissful Basil


This beautiful juice is made with both watermelon and strawberries to hydrate and refresh you, plus a handful of mint to add flavor and boost energy.



Beet, Carrot, Ginger and Apple Juice from The Iron You

Beet juice is excellent pre-workout because it contains nitrate, which helps to improve blood flow and reduce the amount of oxygen needed by your muscles.  Mike adds carrots, apples, ginger and lemon to create a flavorful juice that’ll give you a boost.


Juice Press Rocket Fuel

Get a pre-workout boost with this juice made with guayusa, an Amazonian tea that contains as much caffeine as coffee.  This juice also contains maca for energy, and ginger and lemon to reduce inflammation.



Immunity Boosting Juice Shots from With Love and Food

Feel like you’re fighting something off?  Try one of these shots super-charged with ingredients to send your immune system into overdrive.  Ginger and garlic are added to reduce inflammation and fight off viruses, while the carrots and lemons have vitamins to support your immune system.


Immunity Boosting Parsley-Apple-Lime Juice from The Clean Dish

The key ingredient in this juice is parsley, which Rose says contains even more vitamin C than oranges!  Of course, oranges, apples, and limes are added for good measure, and we recommend adding the optional chia seeds for protein, fiber and antioxidants.



Happy Tummy Green Juice from Bare Root Girl

To keep your tummy happy, try this juice!  It contains alkaline vegetables to counteract acid reflux and ginger, which is well-known for being a natural anti-nauseant .


Organic Pharmer Happy Gut

In addition to pineapple and apple to boost digestion, this juice contains coconut water kefir to balance your gut with probiotics, slippery elm infusion to treat heartburn and chia seeds for fiber.



Anti-Inflammatory Kiwi Juice Tonic from Om Nom Ally

Chronic inflammation is associated with a number of health conditions like heart disease and obesity.  This juice contains kiwi, orange and pear, which have been shown to reduce inflammation.  You can also follow Ally’s recipe for Fermented Pineapple Vinegar to further help with inflammation and improve digestion.


Pain Relieving Tumeric Juice from So Let’s Hangout

The namesake for the juice – turmeric – has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.  The other ingredients in this juice like celery, cucumbers, carrots and ginger have also been shown to relieve inflammation and improve joint pain.



Sleep Tight Cherry Valerian Juice from The Clean Dish

If you suffer from insomnia, try sipping this juice before bed.  Tart cherry juice helps to boost melatonin production to prepare your body for a restful night while the valerian root relaxes you so you sleep well.


Creative Juice No 23 Pistachio, Orange Blossom

The orange blossom in this juice is the key to promoting relaxation and improving insomnia.  The pistachios are high in vitamin B6, which helps the body produce melatonin to support healthy sleep and other neurotransmitters to improve mood.



Carrot, Beet, Blood Orange, Ginger, Tumeric Juice from Gourmande in the Kitchen

Get a blast of vitamin C from the orange and lemon in this flavorful juice!  Spices including turmeric, ginger and cayenne are added to help soothe sore throats and ease congestion.


V6 Juice from Whole Hearted Eats

This juice provides you with the nutrients that your body needs to recover and get its energy back, including superfoods like apple, carrots and kale.  Adding a dash of ginger helps open up airways and improve circulation.



Clear Skin Juice from Happy and Raw

Whether you’re dealing with blemishes or redness, this juice can help improve your skin from the inside out.  The aloe and carrots are both high in antioxidants, which help improve your skin, while ingredients like dandelion help to detoxify.


Love Grace Beauty Elixir

This juice contains ingredients like nettle, aloe and schizandra to help your skin glow.




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