5 Tasty and Healthy Snacks for Pregnant Mamas

We know the manta of five small meals a day but when you’re pregnant, sometimes you want just a snack. They’re a great way to keep you feeling energized throughout the day, as long as you’re reaching for the right things.  Andrea from Dietetic Directions recommends pairing a carbohydrate with a protein to give you energy and keep you feeling full.



Pear and Almonds

Andrea suggests a juicy pear (or other fruit!) with 1/4 cup of almonds for a snack.  The pear is a source of carbohydrates and a great way to satisfy any sweet cravings, while the almonds are a source of protein and fat to keep you feeling satisfied.




If you’re on the go, a smoothie can be a great snack option.  Look for one made with Greek yogurt to provide you with protein, as well as some type of fruit for energy.



Crackers and Hummus

Choose whole grain crackers for fiber and carbohydrates.  Hummus is a good option for protein, and the chickpeas contain folate and iron, which your body needs more of during pregnancy.




A Larabar is a great bar to throw in your bag in case you get hungry.  These bars are made from dried fruit and nuts, so they have the necessary nutrients.  Larabars also come in lots of tasty flavors, and are a healthy way to satisfy a craving.



Banana and Peanut Butter

Bananas are great during pregnancy because they contain potassium to help keep you hydrated, and are also easy to digest.  By pairing a banana with peanut butter, you’re also getting protein.


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