9 Healthier Cocktails for the Holidays

Mulled wine, creamy eggnog, hot apple cider and more holiday cocktails can really add a ton of calories to your daily intake if you aren’t careful.  Try one of these healthier cocktail recipes from some of our favorite bloggers that are high in flavor but low in sugar and calories.


Vegan Eggnog Cocktails

An eggnog cocktail is a holiday favorite, but it’s usually high in saturated fat.  These dairy-free Vegan Eggnog Cocktails from Dishing Up the Dirt use cashews, dates and almond milk to create a creamy eggnog that is spiked with whiskey.


Kombucha Moscow Mule

We love Kombucha for its probiotic content, so adding it to a cocktail makes perfect sense!  This Kombucha Moscow Mule from In It 4 The Long Run uses ginger kombucha instead of ginger beer, which reduces the sugar content.  This refreshing drink is finished off with vodka, agave and lime juice.


Skinny Espresso Martini

Espresso martinis are a favorite, but they’re usually high in calories.  This Skinny Espresso Martini from Picklee combines espresso and whipped cream vodka with just a touch of Bailey’s for creaminess without adding too many calories.


Homemade Bloody Mary

A bloody Mary is typically high in calories and sodium.  This Homemade Bloody Mary from Lauren Kelly Nutrition is not only lower in calories and sodium, but is also packed full of nutrients as the base is made from juicing tomatoes, carrots, basil and onion.


Skinny DragonBerry Rum Twist

For a light and flavorful mixed drink that’s low in calories, try this Skinny DragonBerry Rum Twist from The Novice Chef. We love how pretty the fruit looks!


Lemon Square Martini

This Lemon Square Martini from Slim Pickin’s Kitchen is low in calories but has lots of flavor.  The recipe uses low-calorie lemonade and cake and whipped cream flavored vodkas to create a drink that tastes like lemon squares.


Slender Rosemary Grapefruit Fizz

The Slender Rosemary Grapefruit Fizz from The Slender Student is a refreshing, light option.  The cocktail uses fresh grapefruit juice and rosemary for great flavor.


Spiced Cider Margarita

This Spiced Cider Margarita from Domesticate Me has all the warming spices associated with the holiday season.  We love how these margaritas look garnished with an apple slice and cinnamon stick.


Pear Pomegranate Sangria

If you’re having guests over, whipping up a pitcher of Pear Pomegranate Sangria is a great way to serve a mixed drink to your guests.  This drink from Dietician Debbie Dishes is packed with antioxidants and lots of fresh ingredients.


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