9 Ways to Sneak Fitness Into Your Busy Day

Now that we’re into October and heading into the holidays, life is only going to get busier!  But, that doesn’t mean that you need to let your fitness fall by the wayside.  Try these tips to incorporate activity into your day – even when you’re constantly on the go!


1. Take the Stairs

Jared from Tone and Tighten says to imagine the elevator is always broken!  When you opt for the stairs, you’ll not only be getting more steps in, but Jared says it’s always a great butt and leg workout.

2. Park Further Away from Your Destination

This is an easy tip, but it really does help to fit a little extra activity into your day.  If you’re taking public transit, try hopping off one stop before yours to get the same benefit. You’ll be surprised at the number of steps you can fit in just getting your errands done!

3. Multi-Task

Jared encourages you to get up and walk whenever you have the chance.  If you’re talking on the phone or looking something up on the phone, why not walk while you’re doing it?  He also suggests that you get up and hand deliver that report to a co-worker, rather than sending an e-mail.

4. Use Your Counters

Your counters are a perfect height for fitting in some incline push-ups.  Try to do a few after you’ve brushed your teeth, or while you’re cooking dinner.


5. Make Waiting Count

The time that you spend waiting in line at the store doesn’t have to go to waste.  Try practicing a few calf raises while you wait, or flex and release your ab muscles to work your core.

6. Break It Up

Fitting in a full workout can seem overwhelming some days, but you can probably fit in a few 10-minute mini-workouts.  Even doing a set of squats or sit-ups after you wake up and before you go to bed is better than nothing.


7. Get Outside

Take your kids to the park, or get out and take your pup for a walk. Jared recommends walking laps around the playground while your kids play, or engaging them in a game of soccer or catch.

8. Work Out At Work

Simply switching your desk chair out for an exercise ball is a great way to engage your core as you work.  You can also stash a resistance band in your drawer or try these quick exercises you can do at your desk.

9. Get Competitive

If you’ve got a competitive streak, grabbing an activity monitor or using a fitness tracking app can be a great way to encourage you to move a little more.  How many steps have you gotten today?





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