Are You Expecting? 5 Reasons to Stay Active During Your Pregnancy

Remaining active throughout your pregnancy is great for both your baby and you. Desi Bartlett, Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Yoga Instructor, explains some of the many benefits of prenatal exercise.



Easier Labor and Delivery

Desi says that most mothers report an easier labor and delivery after exercising throughout their pregnancies. The endurance and core strength you’ll develop help to better prepare your body for the physical demands of labor.



Improved Self-Esteem

Exercise helps to boost your mood, which can help to make you feel more confident about and comfortable in your changing body.  Desi also points out that exercising can help prevent excessive weight gain, which helps improve your body image and self-esteem.


Less Back Pain

Desi says that exercising while pregnant improves your posture, which can help with back pain.  Exercise also helps to strengthen your muscles, which can reduce pain caused by pregnancy.



Reduced Stress

Exercise, especially prenatal yoga, helps with developing a sense of calm and proper breathing habits.  Desi says that her yoga practice helped her to meditate, center and develop a bond with her baby.



Bounce Back Quicker

Exercising throughout your pregnancy can help your body to bounce back quicker postnatally. It’s also been shown that mothers who exercising during pregnancy were better able to cope as a new mother.

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