Beating the Freshman 15: Bouncing Back from a Late Night

Whether you’ve been out partying or had a late night study sesh, chances are you’re going to encounter a few late nights while in college.  Here are some tips for bouncing back and not feeling totally wrecked the next day.

Watch What You Drink

While watching what you eat is important, so is what you drink!  Katie Dunlop from Love Sweat and Fitness reminds you to drink in moderation (if you’re of age), to avoid packing on those extra pounds.  She also cautions you to watch out for sugary drinks, and stick to clear liquids. The next day, try sticking to water and herbal teas to help with rehydration.


 Fit In Some Light Activity

While you may not be up to a HIIT workout or a long run, getting in some light activity can do a world of good in helping you feel better.  Try heading out for a walk or bike ride, or practice some restorative yoga to boost digestion and help with detoxifying.

Eat Clean

Kimberly Olson from Fit Kim advises not to beat yourself up, but to try to get back on track by eating clean, perhaps with a healthy breakfast like oatmeal or a green smoothie. Try one of Love Sweat and Fitness’ healthy smoothie recipes!

Incorporate Detoxifying Foods

Now’s as good of a time as any to get back on track and increase your intake of fresh fruits and veggies, and fiber.  Foods that are naturally detoxifying include dark, leafy greens, cabbage, artichokes, ginger, beets and avocados.

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