Fitness Trends: 8 Reasons Why Everyone Is Jumping On Dance Cardio

From Zumba to Bollywood to Hip Hop, dance cardio is taking the fitness world by storm.  Check out the benefits of this fun workout.

Mood Boosting

We all know how turning on your favorite song and dancing around can immediately brighten up your day.  It’s for this reason that so many are loving turning to dance for cardio – it’s a fun workout that keeps you going with great music to help beat stress.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

We love dance because it gets your heart rate up quick!  Evidence shoes that dancing is a great cardio workout that also helps to burn fat.  Many dance classes have natural intervals build in to the routine, which helps increase your metabolism and stamina.

Boost Bone Strength

Because dance is a weight bearing exercise, it helps to boost boost bone density. It’s even recommended to help combat osteoporosis.

Better Coordination

If you’ve ever felt like you were flailing around in attempt to keep up with the instructor, you know how challenging dance can be in improving your coordination.  If you stick with it, you’ll quickly find that you’re better able to keep up and move with the music, making yourself more aware of your body.

Boost Brainpower

In addition to boosting your mood and coordination, dancing can also boost your brain power!  Studies have shown that dancing regularly can help to improve your memory and reduce your risk of developing dementia.

Toned Body

While all that moving looks like fun, the truth is that there are moves like squats and extensions snuck into every dance workout.  Dance is an awesome way to tone every part of your body using your own body weight.

Better Balance

Because you’re often pivoting or standing on one leg, dancing activates stability muscles that help to improve your balance.  You can also expect to have a better posture and improved flexibility.

It’s Social

Heading out to a dance class – or even heading out to dance at a club – is a great way to spend time with friends while also getting a workout in.

Specific Types of Dance

Bollywood Dancing: The repetitive, full-body movements of Bollywood dance help to tone and strengthen your entire body while also burning fat.

Salsa and Latin: Because there’s so much movement in Latin-inspired dances like Zumba, you can expect a mega calorie burn!

Ballroom Dancing: Taking cures from  ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is a great way to connect with your partner and boost confidence.

Belly Dancing: This fun form of dance really requires you to use your hips, activating and toning your entire core.

Ballet: Channeling your inner ballerina will help you improve flexibility and balance while also building strength, particularly in the legs and core.

Jazz & Pop: Jazz and pop dance require a lot of upper body movements, helping to increase your strength and flexibility.  Oh, and all those jumps and turns will also build strength in your lower body, too.

Hip Hop: Set to fast-paced music, hip hop is great for boosting cardiovascular fitness and also toning your entire body.

































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