Forget Game Day Drinking Games, Play a Super Bowl Workout Game

Spending your day watching the big game? Swap those beers for some sit-ups and follow along with our tips to burn off some calories. (You can have the chicken wings during halftime!)


For Every Touchdown….15 Jumping Jacks

Cheer for your team or burn off some frustrations with 15 jumping jacks for every touchdown.


When There’s a Penalty Flag…10 Tricep Dips

Every time a penalty flag is thrown onto the field, bust out 10 tricep dips, using a chair or your couch for support.

_DSC4782 (1)

When There’s a Beer Commercial…15 Bicycle Crunches

Prevent a beer gut with 15 bicycle crunches every time a beer commercial comes on.


When There’s a Field Goal…10 Lunges

That was good! ┬áKeep your arms overhead like the ref as you complete 10 lunges – 5 on each side.


For Every Punt…20 Seconds of High Knees

Bring your knees up high and pretend you’re racing down the field after the ball.


When There’s a Hashtag…10 Push-Ups

Everytime you see a hashtag flash on screen, drop down and give us 10!


When There’s an Interception…10 Squats

Do 10 squats when there’s an interception, making sure to get low.


When There’s a First Down…15 Reverse Crunches

Tone your abs with 15 reverse crunches every time a team gets a first down.


When There’s a Time-Out…Burpees

Challenge yourself to do as many burpees as you can in the length of the time-out.

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