From Our Founder: Shrink Session

I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical about the Shrink Session workouts. Having spent the majority of my career thus far in finance, the idea of chanting motivational phrases through my workout just seemed cheesy and strange. Still, I went to my first Shrink Session with an open mind and was amazed at what I discovered.

Erin-11 copy

First, Erin Stutland has an incredible following. The women in her class are addicted to her energy, choreography, and the positive feeling they have when they walk out of her workouts. One girl I talked to said that her boyfriend went out of his way to make sure she could get to the class because he knew what a good mood it put her in. Never in my life have I seen that kind of reaction to an instructor, let alone a workout.

Second, Erin uses really simple dance and kickbox moves that result in a high-impact workout that burns a ton of calories. She doesn’t sacrifice the workout for mental therapy; every individual in her program will reach their goals of physical improvement.

Finally, the mantras that Erin incorporates are easy to relate to. She taps into emotions we’ve all felt: rejection, fear, low self-confidence and more. No matter what kind of week you’re having, the mantras can help you dust off the dirt, stay focused and commit to staying happy in the journey.

We were lucky enough to work with Erin and film two great workouts: Shrink Session: Mind & Body and Signature Dance Cardio. Check them out and let us know what you think!

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