Fun & Healthy Lunches for Kids

We know encouraging kids to eat healthy can be a challenge – but it doesn’t have to be!  Try these fun, lunchbox-friendly recipes which your kids are guaranteed to enjoy.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Blueberry Banana Muffins // Picky Palete

Put a twist on the classic PB&J with these tasty muffins!  They’re made with a mix of whole wheat and white flour for a little extra fiber, and bananas and Greek yogurt are added to cut down on the amount of butter needed.


Clean Eating Carrot Nori Wraps // The Gracious Pantry

If your little one is a sushi lover, these nori wraps are perfect for a packed lunch!  They’re stuffed with carrots as well as plenty of brown rice.


Pepperoni Pizza Sticks // The Seasoned Mom

For a fun and easy spin on pepperoni pizza, these pizza sticks are a hit!  They’re also well-balanced to help give your child the nourishment to get through the afternoon.


Peachy Peanut Butter Pancake Bites // Meal Makeover Moms

These fun pancake bites are a favorite of even the pickiest of eaters.  They’re also nutritious and fill of fiber and protein.


Back-to-School Turkey Pinwheels // Self Proclaimed Foodie

With turkey, veggies and tasty condiments, these pinwheel sandwiches will add some color to your child’s lunchbox.  They’re packed with flavor and have a great mix of carbs, protein and veggies.


DIY Uncrustables Sandwiches // A Healthy Slice of Life

Make your own healthy uncrustable sandwiches at home!  These can be stored in the freezer, making them a great pick for last-minute lunches.  We love the use of whole wheat bread for added fiber.


Tortilla Pinwheel Lollipops // Home Cooking Memories

We’re not quite sure why, but food on a stick just always seems more enjoyable!  Feel free to customize the fillings in these lollipop-inspired sandwiches based on what your kid likes.

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