How to Stay Fit On Vacation

You’ve been working hard, and you deserve a little vacation!  But, though you may want to take advantage of treating yourself just a little bit, your trip doesn’t have to mean abandoning your healthy lifestyle.  Ashley Pitt from A Lady Goes West and Pamela Hernandez from Thrive Personal Fitness share their top tips for staying fit and healthy while travelling.


Pack Right

 The key to staying healthy while travelling starts before you even leave home.  Throwing just a few extra items in your suitcase can help make staying fit on the road a bit easier.  Be sure you’ve got your workout clothes and shoes in there – Pamela also makes sure to pack a pair of hiking shoes to fit in a hike on her trip, and she also uses them as walking shoes to check out the city on foot.  She also never leaves home without a pair of compression socks, to wear both on the plane and after racking up thousands of steps throughout her day.  For Ashley, she makes sure to bring a reusable water to help her stay hydrated on the go, and also throws in a resistance band.  This workout tool takes up practically no room, but is great for stretching or fitting in a workout in your hotel room.  May we suggest ChaiseSculpt or FlexPilates Upper Body?


Stock Up On Healthy Snacks

Bringing healthy snacks with you is a great way to keep you fueled throughout a busy day – plus, as Ashley points out, if you’re loading up on nutrients throughout the day, you can indulge at dinner or dessert.  She usually throws some individual protein powder packets, trail mix, and protein bars in her bag so she has healthy snack options ready.  Pamela is also on board with packing healthy food options.  Her top picks?  Dry roasted edamame, Designer Whey Protein 2 Go, GoPicnic Meals and Larabar ALT bars.


Fitting In Fitness

Both Pamela and Ashley are all about taking a few days off while on vacation.  If they do try to fit in a workout, they’ll try to get it out of the way in the morning by completing a quick workout in their room, heading to the hotel gym, or checking out a nearby fitness studio.  Ashley also suggests taking advantage of small opportunities to get active, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator in your hotel.


Explore the Local Surroundings

Whether you’re hiking, running, walking or cycling, both Pamela and Ashley advocate taking in your surroundings while incorporating some activity.  Being in a new surrounding is also a perfect opportunity for trying something new – Pamela suggests practicing yoga on the beach or asking the hotel clerk for a running route, while Ashley loves outdoor adventures like water sports.  Pamela also takes the time to check out local farmer’s markets on her journey throughout the city and says it’s a great way to grab some healthy but local food.


Enjoy Yourself!

Pamela and Ashley both say that it’s really important to take the time to enjoy your vacation.  If you’re overly stressed about trying to stay healthy, it not only could backfire on you,tr but could also mean that you return from your trip feeling stressed rather than rejuvenated.  Ashley stresses the importance of enjoy your new surroundings, saying “The rest of the healthy picture will follow if you’re enjoying yourself!”

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