Outdoor workouts

Outdoor Workout Essentials

In addition to getting some fresh air and Vitamin D, taking your workout outdoors can also be great for your performance.  The uneven terrain and elements make the workout more challenging, upping your results and calorie burn.  You can also expect to feel more energized and enthusiastic, making your workout feel better overall.  If you’re ready to move beyond the gym, check out these workout essentials which are perfect for the outdoors.eko-sl-68-zuri-01

Manduka eko Superlite Travel Mat

Having a mat is essential for cushion and grip, but toting around your usual yoga mat isn’t always practical.  This incredibly light mat folds up, making it easy to tuck into any bag or under your arm.  It’s also made of sustainable rubber, making it an eco-friendly option.


Kiss My Face Cool Sport SPF 50

While we all know sun protection is essential, finding a sunscreen that holds up to sweat can be tricky.  This chemical-free option from Kiss My Face is specifically made for athletes, and contains cucumber and aloe vera to help keep your skin refreshed throughout your workout.


Everlast Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope

If you want to switch up your typical cardio routine, grabbing a jump rope is a great option that is also easily portable.  This speed rope has removable 1.5 pound weights, making it easy to work your arms while also amping up your cardio game.


Oakley Polarized Overtime Sunglasses

With HD polarized lenses, these sunglasses with stay put throughout even the toughest of workouts without impacting your visibility.

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TRX Suspension Training System

Initially developed by Navy SEALS as a way to get a total body workout in anywhere, TRX suspension straps are a great tool to take outdoors.  Because they leverage your own body weight, it’s easy to modify the strength and cardio exercises to suit your level.


Columbia Women’s Coolhead Ballcap III

While this may look like a typical ballcap, it turns out it’s got some pretty cool technology – no pun intended.  With a wicking and cooling headband and Omni-Freeze fabric, this hat actually helps to cool your body.  It’s also got built-in SPF 50 to keep you protected.


UA Fly-By Tank 2.0

Designed specifically for the warm weather, this tank contains sweat-wicking fabric and plenty of mesh panels to keep you feel cool.


Pearl Izumi Insulated Polar Water Bottle

Hydration is essential, but warm water isn’t exactly the most refreshing!  This water bottle is insulated to keep your water cold twice as long as other water bottles.


AfterShokz Sportz 3 Headphones

These headphones use bone conduction technology, which means you can listen to your kick-ass workout playlist (or a Booya video!), without drowning out ambient noise, meaning you can enjoy the sounds of the birds or keep yourself safe if you’re running or cycling.



For a cooling pre or post workout treat, PowerICE is perfect!  These frozen electrolyte pops are refreshing and also provide you with necessary hydration and electrolytes.


Adidas Pure Boost X Shoes

Using Adidas’ Boost technology to amp up your performance, these kicks are perfect for warm weather.  There’s aluminum Climachill spheres for an instant cooling sensation and plenty of ventilation.


Nuun Active

If you’re heading out for a long run or super intense workout, chances are you might need more than water.  Nuun is low in calories and sugar, and includes clean ingredients to provide you with electrolytes.  Just pop the tab into a bottle of water, and you’re good to go.


Mission Techknit Cooling Towel

When you wet this towel and wring it out, it’s kept cool for hours, making it perfect for hot workouts.  It’s also got SPF 50 fabric for added protection from the sun.



Because it slips around your waist, the FlipBelt is a great place to stash your phone, keys and other essentials without adding weight or bulk.


Blue Mountain Resistance Band

Because they’re so portable, resistance bands are a great addition to outdoor workouts if you’d like to go beyond bodyweight.  Need some exercise suggestions?  Check out our videos, or start off with our favorite total-body resistance band moves.


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