Pilates 101: What to Know

New to fitness? Or maybe you haven’t taken this popular mind-body class yet and want to go in fully informed. We’re breaking down the benefits of Pilates so you can feel confident heading into your workout.

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You’ll Gain A Balanced Body

Téana David, instructor of Cardio Pilates, says that she likes Pilates because “it is so well-rounded and creates a body that is long, lean and uniformly toned”. Pilates focuses on moves that target each muscle group throughout the body to create a well-balanced body.


You’ll Improve Your Strength

Pilates uses your body’s own weight to strengthen your total body.  Pilates exercises are focused specifically on the “powerhouse” or core.  As a result, you’ll become stronger without needing to lift heavy weights and will be less susceptible to injury.


You’ll Become More Aware of Your Body

Téana points out that Pilates encourages ease of movement as well as grace in your movement.  As a result of this, you’ll improve your coordination.  You’ll also become more in tune with your body, which can help ensure you’re maintaining proper posture throughout the day.


It’s Low Impact

If you have sensitive joints or are recovering from an injury, Pilates can be a great option.  Many Pilates exercises are performed on the floor, which means you don’t have to bear as much weight and have little impact on the joints while still getting a great workout.


You’ll Gain Flexibility

Pilates is excellent for increasing flexibility while building strength.  This creates a strong body that is less at risk for injuries.

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You’ll Have Less Back Pain

One of Téana’s favorite quotes from founder Joseph Pilates is “A man is only as young as his spinal column”.  Pilates helps to develop flexibility in the spine and create strong core muscles that balance the body and support the back, which can be helpful for back pain.

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