Stress-Busting Hacks

We all know just how overwhelming stress can be – and thinking about managing your stress can quickly cause even more stress!  If you’re needing a little extra help to wind down, these simple tips are great to keep in your arsenal.

Practice Gratitude

While staying positive is a great way to combat stress, it’s not quite that easy!  Taking the time to practice gratitude is a great way to help train your brain to notice the positives.  We suggest keeping a gratitute journal, where you get into the practice of writing down 3-5 things each day that you are thankful for.  Before you know it, you’ll find that you’ll begin to find the good that is around you.  Because not every day is good, but there is good in every day!


Get Outside

Science has shown that getting outside is awesome for your health, including your stress levels!  Just spending 5 minutes in nature can help boost serotonin production, leading to a natural mood boost.  Try taking your lunch outside or moving your workout to your backyard to take in the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

Laugh It Out

Turns out the adage “laughter is the best medicine” rings true.  When we laugh, our body releases feel-good endorphins, which help promote relaxation and soothe tension.  So, the next time you’re feel stressed, be sure to click over to YouTube for a quick mood boost, or sit down to watch your favorite funny movie.



Meditation is a booming trend – and it’s for good reason!  The science-backed benefits of meditation include lower blood pressure, a boost in the stress-relieving neurotransmitter serotonin and reduced tension.  Over time, you can also expect to feel more grounded in the present rather than letting your worries consume your attention, as well as feel more compassion towards yourself.

Spread the Happiness

Random acts of kindness do more than just make the recipient happy! Giving boosts connection with others, helps us to realize what have and just makes your whole day better.  If you don’t have the time to volunteer – don’t worry!  Buying coffee for someone behind you in line, telling someone when you like their outfit or posting an encouraging message on social media are all great options, too.

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Work It Out

Working out is one of our favorite ways to banish stress!  When you get your fitness on, you’ll get a rush of endorphins which make you feel incredible.  You can also expect improved energy during the day and better sleep at night, all of which make managing stress a little bit easier.


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