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From our Founder: BeyondBarre

Barre classes have become all the rage for their core benefits: strengthening your core, improving posture, and sculpting the arms, back and legs without putting stress on joints. A barre workout gives you all of this while also improving flexibility and balance.

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BeyondBarre stands out from the pack because founder Colleen Ketchum has specifically designed her series to target the inner and outer thighs with a patented glideboard. Influenced by her former love of hockey, she wanted to incorporate some of the dynamic side-to-side movements into traditional barre classes. Continue reading

The Top Barre Studios and Classes Across the U.S.

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Courtesy of Xtend Barre West Hollywood

2015 has been declared that “Year of The Barre,” by Well and Good and we’re on board (or on barre if you like.) Why is barre booking? It seems to be what most woman want from a workout: an effective way to get long and lean muscles.

We did a ton of research on the best of the best barre spots and found these studios to be truly on pointe. These are your best bets for attending a class, and, if you’re outside one of these major metropolitan areas, you can just turn on Booya!

Boston: The Bar Method
Take a class at one of The Bar Method’s spacious barre rooms and you’ll be treated to a class that will leave you shaking without putting strain on your joints. Students at The Bar Method love the quick results seen from the challenging workout, as well as the numerous modifications offered by the instructors for different abilities and any injuries.

Chicago: The Barre Code
Students of The Barre Code are huge fans of the motivating instructors who offer a great range of classes. The namesake class, The Barre Code, uses a number of props to work your muscles to fatigue and targets the lower body. If you’re new to barre, they also offer a Barre Code Basics class or your can try their Burn class, which is the classic Barre Code class taught in a heated room. The Barre Code also offers fusion classes that pair barre with boot camp, kickboxing, dance cardio, HIIT or yoga.

Los Angeles: Xtend Barre
With floor length mirrors and a modern twist on a dance studio, Xtend Barre is a great place to bring out your inner ballerina. Students love the teachers who push you to your edge without being too hardcore, and the fact that each class at Xtend Barre is different but still works your entire body. Xtend Barre offers a number of unique barre classes to challenge you.

Courtesy of Xtend Barre West Hollywood

 Miami: Barre Motion
Students of Barre Motion love the luxurious-looking studio: picture marble floors and a sleek studio. The classes are intense and really sculpt your body, and the welcoming instructors are there to offer tips on form and modifications. One unique thing about Barre Motion is that you sculpt muscles without lifting a single weight – your body’s own resistance and sometimes a resistance band is used instead.

Dallas: Pure Barre Dallas

The 55-minute barre class at Pure Barre is constantly mixed up with new moves and music, which students say helps the time fly by. Pure Barre also offers specialty classes that target different areas of your body like abs, outer thighs, inner thighs and seat.

Washington: B.Fit DC

Students at B. Fit love the intimate classes that fuse strength training, pilates and barre. Many of the instructors, who are referred to as “barre-tenders”, have a dance background and are encouraging as you work each muscle to exhaustion.

Philadelphia: allongée

The 60-minute classes at allongée will challenge your strength, flexibility and cardio. The classes add a mix of ballet, modern and contemporary dance with toning moves, as well as cardio in the form of CardioBallet choreography and Cardio Barre Band Work.

Atlanta: Pink Barre
Pink Barre’s 55 minute classes will really help you get a great burn going! Students of Pink Barre love the beautiful facility and say the instructors are really motivating and the music is super fun.

Seattle: LAB5 Fitness
LAB5 Fitness is a fitness studio that offers a range of classes including barre, yoga, pilates and TRX. Students love the instructors who are motivating and really dedicated to helping participants learn proper form. If you’re looking for a twist on barre, try their barre ballet class or TRX/Barre fusion for a challenging workout.

New York: Beyond Barre
For amped up barre classes, try Beyond Barre. The class uses classic barre moves that are intended to lengthen and tone your total body paired with gliding on the BeyondBarre Glide Board. The movements on the patented glide board are similar to ice skating for a boost of cardio that also works muscles involved in the lateral movement.

How to Choose the Right Gear for Your Workout

Choosing workout wear that is suited for your activity can actually make you feel more comfortable, which can improve your workout.  Follow these tips to choose the right clothing for your workout.



Presley from Run Pretty loves clothing that is loose and airy for cardio.  Also, try to look for wicking fabric to keep you feel cool and dry.  For running, Presley opts for a pair of good shorts and a thin tank paired with a supportive and flattering sports bra – her favorite is from Lorna Jane.  It’s also important to have a supportive, well-fitting pair of athletic shoes to prevent blisters and foot pain – Presley’s current favorite are Puma Faas 300 S running shoes.   A store that specializes in running shoes will be able to help you find the correct shoe for you.


Bootcamp & Circuit Training

For circuit training, Presley likes tighter clothing to stay with her during workouts.  As she points out,  you don’t want your shirt flopping up over your head while you’re doing burpees!  Her current favorites include a Nike Dri-Fit Shirt and Under Armour Spandex Shorts.  You’ll also want to ensure that you have a pair of shoes that are able to withstand not only forward movement but also lateral movement and jumping, like cross-trainers.  Consider grabbing an athletic headband to keep your hair out of your eyes.



For yoga, you want fitted workout clothes that’ll stay put as you move through the poses. If you’re self-conscious about wearing fitted clothing, look for looser tops with a fitted band around the waist to prevent the shirt from riding up. You’ll also want to wear fabrics that will absorb sweat to help avoid slipping in arm balances.  Presley also points out that fitted clothing helps the instructor to see your form, making corrections easier.

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As with yoga, it`s best to wear more fitted clothing to barre classes so the instructor is better able to see your alignment.  It`s also suggested to wear crop pants or leggings; shorts can ride up, and also don`t provide the coverage necessary to be comfortable during the floor portion of the class. Most barre classes require sticky socks to help prevent your feet from sliding, such as Pure Barre Sticky Socks.