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9 Tips for Keeping Your Skin Hydrated All Winter


Dry, flaky skin got you piling on the moisturizer this winter?  As Olivia Jenkins, creator of the Clear Skin Project explains, skin dries out in the winter because of all the exposure to artificial heat.  Here are her best tips to conquer your dry skin once and for all this winter!

  1. Switch to a Cream-Based Cleanser

Olivia says that a simple switch to a creamy cleanser will help to nourish and rehydrate your skin.  Cream-based cleansers tend to moisturize as they clean, unlike other cleansers and soaps which strip your skin of moisture.  Booya’s Top Picks: Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Cream Cleanser and Philosophy Purity Made Simple.

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8 Essentials for Your Gym Bag

When packing your gym bag, you want to make sure you have what you need for your workout, as well as what you need post-workout.  Having your bag prepped ahead of time with these items will make it easier to head to the gym or a class, and means you won’t forget anything!



Start with the Bag

Sarah-Jean Ballard from The Fashionable Housewife says her favorite gym bag is Nomi Network’s Printed Double Zip Savorn Bag.  She loves that the company supports the great cause of helping victims of sex trafficking.  This bag also has many different compartments which are important so you can store your sweaty workout clothes separately from the rest of your items.


Photo by Steven Depolo

Hair Ties

It can be frustrating when you go to put your hair up before a workout, only to realize you don’t have a hair tie.  Prevent this by keeping a pack of hair ties in your gym bag.  If you like to wear a hairband when exercising, make sure you have a stash of these as well.

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Dry Shampoo

A quick spray of dry shampoo helps to refresh your hair, so you can go back to work or head out after your workout.  Sarah-Jean likes Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo, which contains tapioca to naturally absorb excess oil and leaves your hair with a light grapefruit and mint scent.



Blister Bandages

We all know how annoying blisters can be when you’re trying to focus on your workout.  By keeping blister bandages in your bag, you’ll have a cushioned bandage to protect any blisters.


Photo by Mary Preiser Potts

Athletic Socks

You’ve probably got your shoes in your bag, but do you have extra pairs of socks?  If you’re coming from work, chances are you aren’t wearing socks that work with your sneakers.  Be sure to pack a few extra pairs so you don’t have to go without.

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This is one thing you don’t want to be caught without, so make sure you buy an extra of your favorite kind to throw in your gym bag.  Sarah-Jean uses EO Organic Deodorant, a spray-on deodorant which deodorizes with essential oils.



Facial Wipes

Facial wipes are great for freshening up after the gym, and you don’t need to worry about any liquid spilling in your bag.  Sarah-Jean likes  Burt Bee’s Facial Cleansing Cloths, which are gentle enough for sensitive skin.



CC Cream

A CC Cream contains sunscreen, skin care ingredients, moisturizer, and light color.  Because it’s one product, it’s a great option for the gym if you need a little something but don’t want to apply a full face of make-up.


6 Must-Have Travel Beauty Products

Sunny from Vegan Beauty Review shares her favorite travel-friendly beauty products to help you look and feel your best without monopolizing precious space in your suitcase.  All of these products are cruelty-free and vegan, so you can feel good about what you’re using.




Pacifica Solar Palette

The Pacifica Solar Palette contains 6 mineral eye shadows, a blush, a bronzer, and 3 of their coconut highlighters.  Sunny recommends bringing an all-in-one palette like this so you aren’t toting around a bunch of products.  She says it saves you time, money, and space.  You can also create both daytime and nighttime looks with this palette so you’re not compromising by bringing just a palette.



EcoTools Mini Essentials Set

EcoTools brushes are made with cruelty-free synthetic Taklon bristles and recycled aluminum, and have a bamboo handle. Sunny recommends the EcoTools Mini Essentials set, which comes with a powder brush, eye shadow brush, and an angled liner brush.  When you’re not travelling, this brush set is great to throw in your purse.

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Acure Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes

The Acure Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes are biodegradable, natural, and gentle on the skin.  You can use these to remove makeup or to freshen up after your flight or a trip to the hotel gym.  Because they don’t require water, they’re easy to throw in your  carry-on to use when needed.



J.R. Liggett’s Shampoo Bar

Sunny recommends solid shampoo bars because they take up less space and you don’t have to worry about leaking. J.R. Liggett’s Shampoo Bars are 100% biodegradable and contain no sulfates, so they don’t strip the hair of its natural oils.  These bars also contain olive and coconut oil to moisturize, so you don’t need to worry about packing a conditioner as well.

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Osea Travel Kit

Sunny suggests purchasing a travel kit for your skincare products to ensure everything is TSA approved.  Her favorite is Osea’s Normal to Dry Skin Travel Kit, which contains a cream cleanser, anti-aging toner, hydrating facial oil, and protection cream.  In addition to being vegan and cruelty-free, Osea products are USDA certified organic.



LUSH Toothy Tabs

Sunny likes LUSH Toothy Tabs because they’re easier than packing a tube of toothpaste.  To use, all you have to do is crunch the tablet between your teeth and begin brushing – the Toothy Tabs will foam up just like your typical toothpaste. The primary ingredient in the tablets is baking soda, which has been shown to help  remove stains from the teeth.


What are your favorite beauty products to tote in your suitcase?