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From Our Founder: BollyX

Confession: I love to dance, so I may not be able to be entirely objective about this workout. The BollyX team did an amazing job curating a Bollywood & hip-hop playlist to accompany their easy-to-follow choreography, which is suitable for all fitness levels and dance skills.


I actually met the BollyX team through a mutual Harvard Business School connection and co-founders Minal and Shahil impressed me with the focus on strength training elements that runs throughout their programs. It’s hard to believe that Shahil once had two left feet, and actually designed the program specifically to target dance-challenged individuals looking to improve their mobility, flexibility, and overall swag. His disciplined approach, combined with head choreographer Mayuri’s sass and charm, made for an incredibly fun video shoot.

This video is definitely ideal for a larger living room where you can use your space to really bust a move, but it’s not essential. The next time you’re struggling to find the discipline to exercise, try The Bollywood Workout because it won’t feel like a chore and before you know it you’ll have deposited about 300-350 calories into your calorie bank account. In addition, BollyX now has over 175 instructors trained nationwide, so step outside your comfort zone and check out an in-person class from time to time.