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How to Perform a Proper Burpee

This post has been brought to us by Mark Merchant and George Vafiades of As One Effect. Check them out on BooyaFitness.com.

Ah, the burpee – one exercise that requires, mobility, flexibility, strength, systemic conditioning (full body fitness), core and shoulder stability – love the burpee.  The burpee is an integral part of the As One program  so, if you’ve taken class, you certainly know how to do this.  But, if you, or a friend, want to come in and check out a class, this is a perfect way to get ready.

How to perform the burpee:


1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.


2. Bend over to the  ground with your hands down.


3. Jump your feet back as you lower your chest to the floor.


4. Press up and in one motion jump your feet back to starting position.


5. While standing up, jump up with your hands over your head.

Eager to try the burpee (aka squat thrust)? All of our bootcamp workouts feature the move!

How to Get Fit in Only 7 Days


Have an important event coming up and want to look your best? Rather resorting to extreme behavior for a week, which can harm your metabolism and your body, try these tips from Booya trainers Ariane Hundt and Shay Kostabi.

A drastic amount of weight loss won’t happen in a week but you can make some changes to help you feel and look your best. The majority of these changes will have to come form what you eat.


One week ahead of your event:

–       Cut out all sugar including fruit.

–       Skip alcohol and caloric drinks.

–       Drink a lot of water. A helpful start to the day is one full glass in the morning with lemon juice. Drink 8-10 more glasses throughout the day.

–       Avoid starchy carbohydrates like bread and potatoes.

–       Stick to lean protein and vegetables.

–       Try to eat frequently or at least five small meals a day.

–       Replace one meal a day with a green juice or green smoothie to keep you on track.

Pair this nutrition plan with HIIT training to burn fat fast. HIIT combines cardio with strength training to shape your muscles and help you tone up more quickly.

Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp

Stick to these changes during the week to get ready for any event while treating  yourself to some TLC for the extra effort. Opt for a facial or massage — anything you can do to make you feel your best for your special day.


How to Perform the Best Push-Up

The perfect pushup – although primarily considered a chest developer, its effectiveness as a core and shoulder stabilizer should not be overlooked. Mark Merchant and George Vafiades of As One Effect on BooyaFitness have broken down the move so you can get the best results.

How to perform the perfect pushup:

    1. Place your hands and feet on the ground. Your hands should be slightly wider than your shoulders in line with your chest, near your armpit area.
    2. Put your toes together and form your body into a straight line from head to heels.
    3. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and lower your body to the floor, allowing only the chest to touch. Lead with your chest and not your chin.
    4. While maintaining a straight body, drive through your hands and return to starting position.

Full push-up:





Modified push-up:





Eager to try the push-up? All of our bootcamp workouts feature the move!