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Why You Should Take a Meditation Class

It turns out that the newest studio trend doesn’t involve much movement, but it’s still a great workout – for your mind, that is.  Meditation studios like Unplug Meditation in L.A. and MNDFL in New York are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to benefits like reduced stress, improved focus and a boost in creativity.  Whether you’ve tried meditating or not, a meditation class is a great thing to add to your routine.

It Helps You Commit

While meditation might be something you want to accomplish in your day, this doesn’t mean that you’ll always fit it in!  By signing up for a class and adding it to your calendar, you’re committing to that session, which means that you are that much more likely to show up.   Attending a regular class is also a great way to get into a routine with meditation, making you more likely to practice mindfulness skills more frequently. You can even agree to attend a class with a friend, making you accountable to each other.

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11 Nightclub-Themed Workout Classes to Try

There’s no longer any need to choose between heading to the bar, or hitting a barre class!  The newest workout trend combines nightclub with your favorite workout for a fun yet killer workout.  Check out these classes to try out the trend.


305 Fitness

Where: New York, D.C., Boston

With the slogan “We Turn Your Workout Into a Party”, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an awesome time at a 305 Fitness class! The class consists of cardio dance and toning moves, with high-intensity intervals to really challenge your body.  Oh, and each class features a live DJ playing killer music.

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Brian with Rowers

5 Things to Consider When Doing Rowing Workouts

Dubbed as “the new spinning”, rowing is one fast-growing workout trend with rowing studios and classes popping up across the country.  In this guide, we’ve got all the details about this workout trend from top-notch instructors.

What Makes Rowing So Awesome?

Molly Setnick from Crowbar Cardio in Dallas calls rowing a “a major calorie-burner, toner, and strengthener” because it uses pretty much every muscle in your body.  Tish Watson from WeRow  in Minneapolis adds that rowing uses about 84% of your muscle mass, incorporating a ” a leg press, a deadlift and an upper body row”, which means you get a great calorie burn while also building strength. Katelyn Woodard from Row & Ride in Hanover, MA also says anyone can row because it’s such a low-impact activity and the class environment creates a team atmosphere that keeps you going.

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