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From Our Founder: Cardio Kickbox by Grit by Brit

Confession: my obsession with fitness began with Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo.

Having grown up in Houston, summers were too hot to run or train outside, so I started using fitness videos from the age of 12. Tae Bo was my favorite—the perfect mix of cardio and strength-based choreography. So when I founded Booya and started mapping out my content plan, I knew I had to have cardio kickbox in the mix.


Brittani Rettig, founder of Grit by Brit, and I connected immediately—she is also from Texas and similarly inspired by Billy Blanks. Brit attended Harvard Business School a few years before me and was now also pursuing her passion for fitness with her concept Grit by Brit.  Like me, Brit believes in getting a little everything in one workout—punches, kicks, choreography, and plyometric exercises.

Cardio Kickbox burns an insane amount of calories in a short workout thanks to kickboxing ‘rounds’, where each round targets a different part of the body. Brit keeps you moving through rounds with little bouts of plyometric ‘power’ moves, and finally wraps up the workout with a great toning circuit to target your legs, arms and butt.

This workout is one of my favorites on the platform and we’ve yet to meet a single blogger who didn’t love it too. It does move quickly though, so if you consider yourself uncoordinated, the transitions may be frustration. That is, however, why cardio junkies love the constant movement.

Brit is now opening up her own studio in Dallas, Texas and has a growing following on her blog—check her out at gritbybrit.com and tweet / facebook us with your feedback on the workout!

From Our Founder: Shrink Session

I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical about the Shrink Session workouts. Having spent the majority of my career thus far in finance, the idea of chanting motivational phrases through my workout just seemed cheesy and strange. Still, I went to my first Shrink Session with an open mind and was amazed at what I discovered.

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How to Choose the Right Gear for Your Workout

Choosing workout wear that is suited for your activity can actually make you feel more comfortable, which can improve your workout.  Follow these tips to choose the right clothing for your workout.



Presley from Run Pretty loves clothing that is loose and airy for cardio.  Also, try to look for wicking fabric to keep you feel cool and dry.  For running, Presley opts for a pair of good shorts and a thin tank paired with a supportive and flattering sports bra – her favorite is from Lorna Jane.  It’s also important to have a supportive, well-fitting pair of athletic shoes to prevent blisters and foot pain – Presley’s current favorite are Puma Faas 300 S running shoes.   A store that specializes in running shoes will be able to help you find the correct shoe for you.


Bootcamp & Circuit Training

For circuit training, Presley likes tighter clothing to stay with her during workouts.  As she points out,  you don’t want your shirt flopping up over your head while you’re doing burpees!  Her current favorites include a Nike Dri-Fit Shirt and Under Armour Spandex Shorts.  You’ll also want to ensure that you have a pair of shoes that are able to withstand not only forward movement but also lateral movement and jumping, like cross-trainers.  Consider grabbing an athletic headband to keep your hair out of your eyes.



For yoga, you want fitted workout clothes that’ll stay put as you move through the poses. If you’re self-conscious about wearing fitted clothing, look for looser tops with a fitted band around the waist to prevent the shirt from riding up. You’ll also want to wear fabrics that will absorb sweat to help avoid slipping in arm balances.  Presley also points out that fitted clothing helps the instructor to see your form, making corrections easier.

Barre Headder Photo


As with yoga, it`s best to wear more fitted clothing to barre classes so the instructor is better able to see your alignment.  It`s also suggested to wear crop pants or leggings; shorts can ride up, and also don`t provide the coverage necessary to be comfortable during the floor portion of the class. Most barre classes require sticky socks to help prevent your feet from sliding, such as Pure Barre Sticky Socks.