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Beating the Freshman 15: Making Healthy Cafeteria Choices

We all know grabbing a bite to eat at the dining hall can be like trying to avoid landmines.  Fuel up right with these tips for navigating the campus cafeteria.

Choose Clean

Katie Dunlop from Love Sweat and Fitness assures us that is possible to stay healthy when eating on-campus, and says there are usually plenty of different places to choose from, so you just have to find what works for you!  She suggests loading up on lean grilled proteins like chicken and fish, steamed veggies and grains like brown rice or quinoa to cut-down on the sodium and fat laden dishes you might otherwise reach for. Check out her blog post on Beating the Freshman 15 for more healthy lifestyle tips!

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Beating the Freshman 15: Managing Stress

While nutrition and fitness are important parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so is managing stress and practicing good self-care.  Here are some tips from the people who’ve been there to help you conquer freshman year (and beyond!)

Be Flexible

Kimberly Olson from Fit Kim points out that each semester is different, and that workload will vary depending on the classes and teacher.  She suggests not signing up for too many activities until class gets into full swing to avoid overloading yourself. Morgan Timm from Mostly Morgan echoes this, saying that it can be easy to say “yes” to everything, but you really need to focus on avoiding spreading yourself too thin.

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