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From Our Founder: Why We Love David Barton Gym


Look Better Naked. That’s David Barton Gym’s (DBG) mantra for their gyms and a major motivation behind the grind of an exercise routine. DBG locations are known for their club-like atmosphere with dark lighting, pumping techno music and beautiful fixtures that have made this brand iconic. Continue reading

How to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Fitness Practice

During the height of the holiday season and shopping stress, you might forget to just breathe and take a minute for yourself. Remember to step back from your busy day and get a workout in for some you time.  Try incorporating mindfulness into your fitness routine to help improve your flow of movement, help you get more out of each move and reduce stress.  Trainers Téana David and Robert Nguyen share tips on how to incorporate this practice into your daily workouts so you can get the most out of your session.

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Workout in the Morning

Robert says that, ideally, yoga should be practiced in the morning while the mind is clearer.  He says that there are often less distractions in the morning, which makes it easier to be focused and present in your fitness. Continue reading

Pilates 101: What to Know

New to fitness? Or maybe you haven’t taken this popular mind-body class yet and want to go in fully informed. We’re breaking down the benefits of Pilates so you can feel confident heading into your workout.

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You’ll Gain A Balanced Body

Téana David, instructor of Cardio Pilates, says that she likes Pilates because “it is so well-rounded and creates a body that is long, lean and uniformly toned”. Pilates focuses on moves that target each muscle group throughout the body to create a well-balanced body. Continue reading