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Couples That Sweat Together, Stay Together

While we all know how great exercise is for us, it turns out there’s even more benefits if you get your sweat on with your sweetie.  Check out all these ways you can improve your health and your relationship at the same time.

Boosts Your Happiness

Cue the endorphins!  While exercising solo can also boost your mood, exercising with your partner can make it even more enjoyable.  What’s so great about this?  It can deepen your connection and also make you more likely to work out together again.

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Top Track Workouts

Taking your workout outside is a great way to switch things up and get some fresh air at the same time.  Head to the local track with one of these workouts!


Bleacher Running Workout // The Concrete Runner

This effective workout takes advantage of the bleachers for a complete cardio, booty and thigh workout.

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What is CrossflowX? Heidi Kristoffer Explains

Our favorite new Booya instructor, Heidi Kristoffer, didn’t have a favorite yoga class.  So, she created her own: CrossflowX.

CrossflowX combines yoga, cardio and Kundalini Kriyas to create a workout that builds strength, boosts cardio and improves your mood.  What’s great about CrossflowX is that you’re able to do the whole workout on the space of a yoga mat, making it a great option to get a total body and mind workout in a small space.


Flow Yoga

Flow yoga is a type of yoga that involves flowing smoothly from one position to the next.  Heidi incorporates lots of flow yoga into CrossflowX, which is a great way to increase your heart rate, energize your body and learn to match your breath to your movement. The yoga poses are also great as they use your body’s own weight to build strength.

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