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Kill That BOOTY with Kettlebell Moves (and get some A$$kicking in!)

by Brandi Marino of The Beyond Studios

The only thing we love more than doing kettlebells or Pilates on its own is a badass workout that fuses the two for even better body-sculpting results. Why do just one workout when you can get the benefits of a two-in-one sweat sesh? Because while swinging a kettlebell does have its benefits, building those moves into specific workout structures can bring you even closer to your body goals, whether that’s building muscle or sporting a chiseled long lean Pilates body.

To help (because, hey, it’s not like we all have degrees in sports science), I reached out to some of my fitness god friends to create three unique workouts using just seven kettlebell exercises. Stick with the plans below, alternating workouts three to four times a week, for the next three weeks, and you’ll sculpt a fierce long lean Pilates Body look with the muscular strength to back it up—just in case anyone decides to challenge you! Shout out to Track & Field for the awesome outfits featured in this article and The Beyond Studios videos!

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5 Tips to Shake Up Your Workout Routine

brit yoga

We hope that you’ve found at least one workout that you love on Booya (do let us know), but one of our core philosophies is the belief in variety and having fun while working out. According to Booya trainer Brittani Rettig, you should vary your workouts to prevent injury, avoid a plateau and stay motivated.


Bri’s Top 5 Tips to Shake Up Your Workout Routine:

1. Vary your cardio: Do three different types of cardio exercises every week. At a minimum, it’s most important to ensure that you get three, 30-minute cardio workouts in each week. However, you can maximize results by doing a variety of cardio workouts.

2. Add intervals: Intervals in terms of speed and incline/resistance are a great way to keep your body in the “cardio zone” and make sure you don’t get complacent.  For example: when on the elliptical, ride at level 5 resistance for 3 min then level 10 resistance for 1 min, continue alternating for 30 min to 1 hr.

3. Skip running: Power walk instead of running or jogging. Power walking is not as natural of a movement as jogging or running which means you have to engage more muscles.  This is a great way to shock your body and even burn more calories. Try adding light hand weights for an extra burn!

4. Switch up your resistance regimen: Instead of your usual back and chest workouts that you have been doing for years, change it up!  Try TRX suspension training or an endurance body weight routine.  Remember, if you do what you always done, you’ll get what you always got!

5. Get moving with a group: Working out with a group makes you push harder and leverage the energy of those around you.

**Booya encourages you to check out the class schedules of our featured instructors. If we don’t have an instructor in your area, try using Fitmapped to find a boutique class near you!  

The Importance of Rest Days When Working Out

Shrink Session

Many people neglect the importance of resting the body and aren’t aware of how crucial resting is to the success of your fitness routine. Your muscles can’t grow unless your body is given time to recover. One to two days per week, take a break from your workout schedule and rest your muscles. This doesn’t mean sitting on the couch, it just means giving your nervous system a break. These breaks will help you regain energy while your muscles recover plus create a hormonal balance in your body. Over-training causes stress hormones to be released, which can cause the body to hold onto fat. If you decide against a rest day, you can also increase your chances of injury. Walking, stretching and swimming are a few rest options for any regular workout routine.

Depending on your daily fitness schedule, your rest day can vary:

– If you are always spinning, go for a light run.

– If you always do HIIT, balance the intensity with yoga or Pilates.

– If you’re constantly body-building and lifting weights, opt for a bike ride or other cardio.