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11 Nightclub-Themed Workout Classes to Try

There’s no longer any need to choose between heading to the bar, or hitting a barre class!  The newest workout trend combines nightclub with your favorite workout for a fun yet killer workout.  Check out these classes to try out the trend.


305 Fitness

Where: New York, D.C., Boston

With the slogan “We Turn Your Workout Into a Party”, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an awesome time at a 305 Fitness class! The class consists of cardio dance and toning moves, with high-intensity intervals to really challenge your body.  Oh, and each class features a live DJ playing killer music.

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6 Treadmill Classes To Try

If running on the treadmill sounds boring to you, you’ll have to check out the new treadmill workout studios and classes popping up across the country.  These classes pair cardio intervals with strength training to create a complete workout in a group fitness atmosphere that will keep you motivated.

Mile High Run Club

Location: New York

Mile High Run Club is a treadmill studio that offers two classes: Dash 28 and the Distance.  Dash 28 pairs 28 minutes of treadmill using intervals to maximize calorie burn, followed by 10 minutes of kettlebell work to build strength and power.  The Distance is a great class for more advanced runners, as it consists of 50 minutes of running drills to improve your speed and endurance.  Think hills, tempo runs, and intervals, with expert run coaches to lead you through. Continue reading