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11 Healthy & Refreshing Watermelon Recipes

Along with being amazingly refreshing, watermelon is a great source of nutrients, too.  This summer fruit is a whopping 92% water, making it a hydrating food.  Like tomatoes, watermelon gets it red color from lycopene, a powerful antioxidant and  anti-inflammatory that’s especially important for cardiovascular health . Watermelon also contains cytrolline, which our bodies convert to the amino acid arginine, which helps with blood flow, and contains other necessary nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium.  While its delicious right off the rind, these healthy recipes are a great way to mix up the way you get your watermelon fix.


Coconut Watermelon Rum Cocktail // A Bubbly Life

Made with coconut water, watermelon and lime, this rum cocktail is naturally hydrating.
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Cool Coffee Drinks

While nothing hits the spot in summer quite like a delicious, frozen coffee concoction, the truth is that your favorite drink can be a major calorie and sugar bomb.  For example, a grande Starbucks S’mores Frappuccino clocks in at 500 calories and a whopping 68 grams of sugar. Making a cool coffee drink at home is easier than you think, and is better for both your body and your wallet.


Vegan Iced Coffee // That Girl Shannon

Made with coffee ice cubes, this iced coffee is sweetened naturally with stevia and gets a touch of flavor from the addition of vanilla and cinnamon. Top it off with a vegan-friendly milk like cashew.

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Ilya Yakubovich

12 Delicious Matcha Recipes

Matcha has become a commonplace ingredient in lattes, smoothies and more, – and it’s for good reason.  Unlike traditional green tea, matcha is made from powdered whole tea leaves, meaning you get a potent boost of antioxidants.  Matcha tea converts love the natural boost of energy it gives, but you can also expect benefits like a metabolism boost, protection against heart disease and lowered cholesterol.  Plus, the vibrant color of matcha is due to its high chlorophyll content, a nutrient that helps detoxify, reduce inflammation and boost immunity.  If you’d like to enjoy your matcha beyond the mug, these great recipes are perfect!



Lemon Matcha Truffles // Tales of a Kitchen

With macadamia nuts and coconut, these lemon matcha truffles are a delicious treat that is loaded with plenty of healthy fats.

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