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6 Best Health and Fitness Apps

Since we’re usually close to our smartphones at all times, having health and fitness apps installed can help make staying on track towards our health and fitness goals a little bit easier.  In this post, Sarah Parker from Fit Betty shares her favorite apps.


Photo by Jitendra Agrawal


Sarah says LoseIt! is her favorite app for tracking calories.  This app helps you to set and track calorie and macronutrient goals, and presents your progress in easy-to-read charts.  This app also lets you input activities and adjusts your calorie goal accordingly.


Nudge allows you to connect apps like MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, and Fitbit, and gives you a single score on how healthfully you’re living.  Sarah’s favorite part of this app is tracking servings of fruit, veggies, and water.


MapMyFitness is Sarah’s favorite app for GPS tracking.  This app uses the GPS in your phone to keep track of things like distance, speed, elevation, and calories burned. You can also track your route and discover other people’s route if you’re looking for new places to run, walk, or cycle.


Sarah says UltraTimer is one of her favorite workout timer apps.  With this app, you can set up your workout  with different timers running back to back, making it ideal for interval training.  Users can also upload and share timers to get new workout ideas.


RockMyRun is a great app if you’re looking for new workout music.  The app has different seamless running mixes put together by DJ’s.  If you get the premium version, RockMyRun will adjust the tempo of the music to match your pace, or to push you to go a little faster.


FitSnap is Sarah’s favorite app for sharing workout photos on social media. Using this app, you can add text information to your photo about your workout such as the activity name and your duration.  You can then share this photo with your social media contacts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.