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From Our Founder: Shay Kostabi

A former dancer and performer, Shay Kostabi brings her energy, charisma, and grace to every endeavor she undertakes. She is one of New York City’s most popular fitness personalities as a master trainer at ReXist360, and with affiliations to Qinetic, New Balance, Essentia Water, Designer Whey, and many other brands.


Shay’s creativity in fitness choreography is what sets her apart in the industry. She combines dynamic, complementary exercises to create movement patterns that feel natural and are fun to follow. Because muscle tension builds throughout multiple repetitions and progressions, you’ll still get that burn, but you won’t be bored with high rep counts.

In Total Body Toning, Shay hits five body parts with progressive exercises that work from basic to more advanced modifications. Just when you’re ready to give up, Shay moves you to the next progression.

Shay’s Burlesque & Strength plays on the trend of boudoir workouts, giving you both a sleek, sculpted body and some moves you can try as foreplay.

In addition to these workouts, Shay leads the ReXist360 workout series. The series consists of six different workouts that range from high-impact, plyometric-based to targeted toning and sculpting. Including a workout designed specifically for expecting moms. All of these workouts utilize the patented ReXist360 bands, which you can learn more about here.


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King Pito Gator’s Fight-Worthy Nutrition Tips

Preparing for a UFC fight requires discipline, dedicated training and nutrition to fuel it all.  King Pito Gator, pro wrestler, boxer, UFC fighter, and 2014 Rocc the Barz Worldwide NBXA All-Around Champ, knows all this well.

11476849023_be69e43bd9_k                                                                                                               [Source]

Eat Clean

King sticks to a clean eating diet, which helps increase energy, boost immunity and improve sleep.  He says he tends to stay away from meat and chicken and, instead, gets nutrients from fruits, vegetables and juices.  King also says that he eats lots of fish, a great source of low-fat protein that is high in omega-3 fatty acids.



Drink Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to get the nutrients your body needs from fruits and vegetables.  King is a big fan of smoothies and juices.  One of his favorites includes kale, baby spinach, honey, ginger, a little bit of garlic, blueberries, strawberries and pineapple.

2697879034_9e3cb7fc55_b                                                                                                                [Source]

Get Out the Grill

King says that he usually grills everything on fight day, from chicken to vegetables. Grilling is a great way to prepare foods as you don’t need to add excess oil or butter to your food to cook it.  When you grill meat, excess fat drips away from the meat, so you’re left with a leaner source of protein.  Don’t stick with just grilling meat, either.  Try grilling veggies like King does, or throw tofu, pineapple, peaches or sweet potatoes on the BBQ.


The Next Level of Resistance Bands: ReXist360

ReXist360 bands are designed to intensify current workouts without any unwanted pressures added to the back, knee or ankle joints. The scalable resistance bands are easy to strap on and allow greater flexibility and movement. Try the bands with our featured ReXist workouts from their top trainers with a HIIT with Rexist 360 session or Fit Mama Prenatal Workout. Read more about the benefits you’ll be getting by exercising with ReXist360 below.


Increased Strength

King Pito Gator, a pro wrestler, boxer and UFC fighter, uses the ReXist360 bands for all of his workouts, because they help to increase his strength and power.  Lauren Sesselmann, a professional soccer player and Olympic medalist, is using the ReXist360 bands to help her recover from an ACL injury and surgery. She believes they’re helping her to gain back the strength lost in her quads.  The band’s resistance forces muscles like the quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, and abs to work harder throughout a workout, which builds strength.


Improved Explosiveness

Lauren says using the bands helps with explosive strength and quick muscles movements.  In fact, research on high school athletes found that using the ReXist360 bands increased vertical jump by 13.38%.  This is because the bands focus on muscles used during these explosive movements like glutes, abdominals, hamstrings, quads and calves.


Increased Speed

ReXist360 bands focus on the major muscles used throughout all the different stages of running, which helps to improve acceleration.  Increased strength and acceleration work together to increase overall speed when running.


Increased Endurance

When using the ReXist360 bands, your body is working up to two times harder than it would without the bands.  As a result, you’re burning up to twice as many calories and also improving your cardiovascular fitness level.  This improved cardiovascular fitness increases your endurance to help you perform at a higher level longer.