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Tips for Improving Your Running Form

Planning to head out fora run and enjoy the nicer weather?  Lisa McClellan, RRCA Certified Running Coach and blogger at RunWiki, shares her tips for maintaining proper running form, which she says helps you become a more efficient runner while also preventing injury.

Watch Your Heel Strike

Lisa says that heel striking in and of itself isn’t the major problem – it’s the fact that most of the time when you’re heel striking, you’re actually over-striding.  The most commonly suggested foot strike is the midfoot strike, which helps control over-striding.

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Top 10 Mistakes Running Newbies Make

The key to becoming a runner is to take it one step at a time when you’re just starting out. You’re bound to make a few mistakes along the way, but check out these top 10 errors newbies often make so that you can learn from their mistakes and stay happy and healthy as you chase after your goal.

  1. Too much too soon

Running is a high-impact activity, so diving in too early can cause injuries. If you’re new to running, a good rule of thumb is to begin with a few light jogs per week and build up slowly from there. Increase your time by no more than 10 minutes every 2 weeks.

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What’s Your Favorite Running Gear?

With the variety of running gear available today, it can be difficult to decide what you need. Gia from RUNgiaRUN recommends her favorite running essentials but we’re sure you have your own favorites and we want to know! Tell us in the comments, below.



Fuel Belt Super Stretch

Gia says she always has her phone with her when she runs, and that she’s found the Fuel Belt Super Stretch Waistpack to be the best carrier. The expandable pocket sits on the small of your back to minimize bounce.


                       Photo by Carrie A.


Yurbuds are headphones that have been developed by athletes for athletes.  They twist to lock in the ear, and won’t fall out during exercise. The earbuds also allow ambient noise, making them a safe choice for running.  Gia likes YurBuds for Women, which are specially designed for smaller ears.

Lululemon Ultimate Padded Running Sock

The Lululemon Ultimate Padded Running Socks have high-density cushioning added to help prevent pain from the impact of running.  Though they’re padded, they still keep your feet cool with mesh inserts.  They also have a Y-shaped heel to prevent slipping, so you don’t have to stop to pull your socks up!



UnderArmour HeatGear Printed Sports Bra

Gia likes running in UnderArmour’s Heat Gear Printed Sports Bra.  The bra has built-in compression, which helps with muscle recovery.  It’s also made of fabric designed to wick sweat away to keep you feeling comfortable.



Oakley TwentySix.2 Sunglasses

These sunglasses are lightweight and have grips on both the nose and ear pieces to ensure they stay put while running.  The lenses keep your eyes safe by filtering out 100% of UVA and UVB rays.



Coppertone Sport Accuspray Sunscreen

It’s important to protect your skin from the sun during all seasons.  Gia likes Coppertone Sport Sunscreen, which is waterproof and resistant against sweat, so it won’t run into your eyes.



New Balance Shoes

New Balance 1400v2’s are one of Gia’s favorite shoes for running.  They’re lightweight and cushioned with REVlite midsole cushioning for a comfortable run.