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The Healthiest Store-Bought Snacks

Just because you’re short on time or looking for convenience, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a healthy snack! Caroline Kaufman, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, says to look for a snack that’s made with whole ingredients, and that contains at least two of the following components: healthy fats, protein and fiber.  When looking at the ingredient list, she says to stay away from products that have sugar listed as the first or second ingredient – and to look for whole grains and at least 2-3 grams of protein.  Next time you’re at the store, keep an eye out for her top healthy snack picks!



KIND Bars make a great snack option because they contain healthy fats, fiber and protein, and have less than 5 grams of sugar per bar.  Caroline loves the Nuts & Spices line, which get their flavor from ingredients like vanilla, chili and sea salt.  She also loves the STRONG line of savory bars, and says the spicy flavors like Roasted Jalapeno and Honey Mustard give your metabolism a boost!

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6 Healthy Snacks to Take On The Go


When you’re busy, it can be difficult to eat right.  With a little planning, you can have access to nutritious snacks to help keep your energy up and nourish your body (and prevent you from grabbing something unhealthy!).  Trainer Shay Kostabi shares her favorite snacks to take on the go to give you some tasty options

1. TJ’s Egg White Salad

Whether you’ve forgotten to pack a snack or want something easy, Trader Joe’s Egg White Salad makes a tasty and healthy snack.  Each container boasts 14 grams of protein to help keep you feeling satisfied, with only 100 calories.  Creamy yet guilt-free, try the classic chive flavor or the spicy ranchero flavor if you like a little kick.


Photo by Harsha K R

2. Almonds

Keep a baggie full of almonds in your bag, and you’ll have an easy snack full of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Almonds also contain fiber, which has been shown to help you feel full longer, playing a role in maintaining a healthy weight. One ounce of almonds contains 40% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, to help keep you healthy.

3. Designer Whey Protein Bars and Protein Shakes

Whey is a complete, lean protein that helps build muscle, increase strength and reduce hunger.  Shay loves Designer Whey Bars and Shakes because – unlike other whey products – they don’t require refrigeration.  The 100-calorie shakes contain 18 grams of protein and would make an excellent post-workout drink, while the bars contain 10 grams of protein and 170 calories or less to keep your energy up throughout your day.


Photo by Chelsey Baldock


4.  Oranges and Bananas

Thanks to nature’s design, oranges and bananas make highly portable snacks. Both bananas and oranges are high in potassium, an electrolyte, making them an ideal post-exercise snack.

5. Snaque Ancient Grain, Nut, and Seed Mix

These snack mixes contain quinoa and sprouted lentils to offer protein and fiber. Choose from Coconut Almond Quinoa Crunch, Apple Quinoa Crunch, and Cinnamon Apple Quinoa Crunch. The whole food ingredients while keep you feeling full while supplying your body with nutrients including iron and magnesium.


Photo by Max Mallett

6. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are 96% water, providing your body with natural hydration.  They’re also rich in vitamin A, B, and C, which help give you energy and boost your immune system. Bring along cucumber slices or sticks for a low-calorie snack; for a twist, try topping them with lemon juice or crushed chili peppers.