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From Our Founder: Shay Kostabi

A former dancer and performer, Shay Kostabi brings her energy, charisma, and grace to every endeavor she undertakes. She is one of New York City’s most popular fitness personalities as a master trainer at ReXist360, and with affiliations to Qinetic, New Balance, Essentia Water, Designer Whey, and many other brands.


Shay’s creativity in fitness choreography is what sets her apart in the industry. She combines dynamic, complementary exercises to create movement patterns that feel natural and are fun to follow. Because muscle tension builds throughout multiple repetitions and progressions, you’ll still get that burn, but you won’t be bored with high rep counts.

In Total Body Toning, Shay hits five body parts with progressive exercises that work from basic to more advanced modifications. Just when you’re ready to give up, Shay moves you to the next progression.

Shay’s Burlesque & Strength plays on the trend of boudoir workouts, giving you both a sleek, sculpted body and some moves you can try as foreplay.

In addition to these workouts, Shay leads the ReXist360 workout series. The series consists of six different workouts that range from high-impact, plyometric-based to targeted toning and sculpting. Including a workout designed specifically for expecting moms. All of these workouts utilize the patented ReXist360 bands, which you can learn more about here.


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