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How to Stay Fit On Vacation

You’ve been working hard, and you deserve a little vacation!  But, though you may want to take advantage of treating yourself just a little bit, your trip doesn’t have to mean abandoning your healthy lifestyle.  Ashley Pitt from A Lady Goes West and Pamela Hernandez from Thrive Personal Fitness share their top tips for staying fit and healthy while travelling.


Pack Right

 The key to staying healthy while travelling starts before you even leave home.  Throwing just a few extra items in your suitcase can help make staying fit on the road a bit easier.  Be sure you’ve got your workout clothes and shoes in there – Pamela also makes sure to pack a pair of hiking shoes to fit in a hike on her trip, and she also uses them as walking shoes to check out the city on foot.  She also never leaves home without a pair of compression socks, to wear both on the plane and after racking up thousands of steps throughout her day.  For Ashley, she makes sure to bring a reusable water to help her stay hydrated on the go, and also throws in a resistance band.  This workout tool takes up practically no room, but is great for stretching or fitting in a workout in your hotel room.  May we suggest ChaiseSculpt or FlexPilates Upper Body?

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5 Must-Have Items to Pack for a Fit Vacation


Have a trip coming up? Need some help packing? We talked to Booya trainers Ariane Hundt and Shay Kostabi to get the scoop on their go-to travel items and snacks that’ll keep your vacation healthy and active.

1. Sneakers:

Both Ariane and Shay agree that sneakers are a must no matter where you’re headed. If they’re in your bag, you’re more likely to think about how you can craft that day’s activities with fitness in mind.

shay music2. Headphones and music: Traveling can be tedious so Shay recommends bringing along some tunes to keep your energy up. Headphones also come in handy if you decide to go for a run.


3. High protein snacks: Ariane’s go-to travel snacks are Quest Bars and individual protein packets. Keeping your protein intake high will ensure hunger stays at bay between meal times. Find both at your local health food store or pack your own travel-friendly snacks in a sealed plastic bag.

4. Easily portable fruits and nuts: A handful of almonds or walnuts in a plastic bag are great  for a quick snack on the go. Portable fruits like apples or bananas travel well in carry-on. They key is to always have something healthy within reach so you stay on track until you return home to your regular routine.

5. Water bottle: Keep a water bottle with you at all times to stay hydrated! Refill at water fountains when possible and you’ll never be without a sip. If you’re flying, be sure to drink before you get through security and then pick up another bottle after the check-point or stock up when you board your flight.

If you forget to pack travel snacks there are healthy options at rest stops or airport kiosks:

–       hard boiled eggs

–       plain, unsalted nuts

–       string cheese

–       salad, without the extra dressing


10 Active Date Ideas for Summer


Having dinner and watching a movie or meeting for drinks are great ideas for summer dates. The downside? They all involve sitting and eating. We’re all for a romantic night out but you can also change up your dating routine to incorporate a few active adventures. You can always reward yourself and your honey with a meal at the end of the night.

Go on a bike ride. 

If you don’t have your own bike, plenty of cities have bike share programs. Take advantage and ride around! End your adventure with a healthy picnic in the park. Pack some delicious and healthy snacks and reward yourselves with a bottle of wine.

Take a workout class together.

There’s nothing sexier than working up a sweat together while burning some calories. Check out any outdoor workout events or summer boot camps happening in your city. Too hot to head outdoors? Open up your laptop and Booya together!

Volunteer in your neighborhood.

It’s a great feeling to help others and you can spread the love together. Find volunteer opportunities near you that you’re both excited about. Plenty of parks offer clean-up programs where you can join in and help out.

Take a dance class together.

Even if you end up stepping on each other’s toes, you’ll have a blast moving and shaking. Plus, you’ll learn some new moves to show off at that end-of-summer wedding on the calendar.

Plan a camping trip.

Take advantage of the warm summer nights and go camping. If you don’t have your own equipment or tent, see if your friends can lend you their gear. Uneasy about spending the night outside? Bring some blankets and picnic late in the evening instead. Watch the stars and enjoy the company.

Have a make-out session.

One minute of lip-locking can burn 2-5 calories. While that’s not enough to burn off your romantic meal, it can’t hurt to add it to your evening routine.

Pick summer berries.

Berries are in peak season during June, July and August. Have fun strolling around a local berry farm then keep the date going by using your newly foraged ingredients in the kitchen.

Take a late night stroll.

Warm summer nights are perfect for evening walks. Head to a park or just take a spin around the block.

Hike a mountain (or head to an indoor climbing wall).

Hiking and climbing are awesome ways to burn calories while strengthening muscle. Find a local trail and lace up those sneakers. Don’t have a park near you? Try out an indoor climbing gym.

Join a bowling team.

Head to your nearby alley and work for that strike. It’s great to bowl as a couple or join a group to make it a weekly event.