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Fitness Trends: 8 Reasons Why Everyone Is Jumping On Dance Cardio

From Zumba to Bollywood to Hip Hop, dance cardio is taking the fitness world by storm.  Check out the benefits of this fun workout.

Mood Boosting

We all know how turning on your favorite song and dancing around can immediately brighten up your day.  It’s for this reason that so many are loving turning to dance for cardio – it’s a fun workout that keeps you going with great music to help beat stress.

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5 Workout Trends Worth Trying

Trying a workout trend is a great way to mix up your exercise routine.  Switching up your workouts is also a  way to challenge your body and keep your muscles guessing, so you’ll see better results.  Consider trying one of these trends to keep your fitness routine engaged.


Jess from Big City Little Blog is into SoulCycle, a workout that takes spin to the next level by using music to keep you working hard and incoporating hand weights so you get a total body workout.  Jess has been spinning for years, but feels the addition of DJ’s and disco balls creates a club environment that makes SoulCycle a fun way to get a great cardio and strength workout. SoulCycle classes are offered at Soul Cycle Studios, located throughout the United States.


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Rowing has been around for a while, but it’s growing in popularity, with some people even referring to it as the new spinning.  The move of rowing is complex, which has great cardiovascular benefits.  Additionally, rowing works your total body, from your arms, to your back, to your legs, making it a great way to build strength. Take a rowing class at a rowing studio like Row House or City Row, or try Shockwave at Equinox, a class that pairs circuit training with rowing.

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Erin Stutland, creator of Shrink Session, loves that there is a big dance fitness trend happening right now.  Not only is dance a fun workout, but it’s also great for your body.  In addition to cardio, dance can help improve your coordination and boost your mood. Try Erin`s choreography in her Signature Dance Cardio Workout.  If you’re looking to take an in-person class, try the Broadway Dance Center (hip-hop and theater classes are favorites), or 305 Fitness, which pairs dance with sports drills for a high intensity workout.



Jenn, CEO and co-founder of Fit Bottomed Girls, finds HIIT workouts super rewarding.  She says she loves that HIIT is both tough and short – she gives it her all for 15-25 minutes to reap great results like increased fat burning, improved cardiovascular health, and increased metabolism.  Jenn’s favorite HIIT moves include pull-ups, ball slams, and tire flips. Try a class at The Fhitting Room. a studio specializing in HIIT workouts, or Uplift Studios, a women’s only facility with a popular HIIT class.

Military-Style Training

While extreme adventure races are getting more popular, military-style training brings this tough workout to your regular fitness routine.   In addition to cardio and strength building drills, these classes have a great team environment that helps you push yourself. Try Pure Power Boot Camp or Warrior Fitness Boot Camp, both of which have classes taught by ex-military members.