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What Type of Yoga is Right for Me?

We love yoga for its ability to increase strength, improve flexibility and create that mind-body connection.  However, if you’re new to yoga or simply looking to explore new styles, looking at the class schedule can be overwhelming.  Check out this guide to help choose the types of yoga that you’re most likely to fall in love with.



Best for: Beginners or anyone looking to try yoga

Hatha is another word for poses, and most Western Yoga classes will fall under the style of “Hatha”. There is a sense of balance within each of the hatha yoga poses, with you finding the place between opposing forces and really working even while holding a static pose.

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Image Credit: Eli Dagostino

Yoga Poses to Try for National Yoga Month

Did you know September is National Yoga Month?  That means it’s as good a time as any to channel your inner yogi and reap benefits like greater flexibility, improved strength and a boost in mood.  We’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite yoga moves, so you can try them out whenever the urge strikes!


Warrior II

There’s good reason the Warrior II is a yoga classic.  This pose is excellent for strengthening your legs, opening your lungs and leaving you feeling powerful.  For this pose, begin in mountain pose and float your right leg over about 3 1/2 to 4 feet away from the left.  Keeping your toes parallel to the front of your mat, bend your front leg to 90 degrees, extending your arms with palms facing down.  Keep your gaze centered over your middle finger.  Repeat on the other side.

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