The Top Dance Studios Across The U.S.


Just dance! We rounded up the best of the best spots to shake what your mama gave you and found these studios to be truly innovative. These are your best bets for attending a class but if you’re outside one of these major metropolitan areas, you can just turn on your a Signature Dance Cardio Workout from Erin Stutland on Booya!

Boston: BollyX

BollyX is a dance workout inspired by Bollywood to create a fast paced and energetic class that will get you sweating.  Students are also fans of the high energy and motivating instructors, and say that BollyX is a fun workout. Not a Boston resident? Try The Bollywood Workout now on Booya.

Chicago: MaZi Dance Fitness Center

MaZI Dance Fitness Center is a great environment, featuring a large studio with big windows, a
comfortable waiting room and a luxe bathroom.  The only thing better may be the atmosphere
created by Marisol and Ziba, the founders of MaZi, which is both high-energy and supportive.  A
number of dance cardio and sculpting classes are offered.

Los Angeles: L.A. Dance Fit

Students love the fun and energetic environment at L.A. Dance Fit.  The studio offers two
different options of dance classes: follow-along where you follow the instructor for the entire
class, or choreography where each move is broken down and taught.  There’s a variety of classes to suit every mood all paired with amazing music like Dancinerate, cardio hip hop, burlesque and flashback funk.

Miami: Vixen Workout

Get all glammed up for this for this women`s only cardio dance class that has you performing
hip-hop moves in a club environment to the top hits. This workout which is all about female empowerment can have you burning up to 1000 calories in an hour.

Dallas: The Girls Club

Students at The Girls Club love how freeing the classes are and say they always feel better after
taking a class.  The Girls Club offers a variety of fun dance classes like Showgirl Shimmy, Zumba, Hip Hop Booty Pop and Poledancing.

ZocaAd long(1)Washington: Zoca

“Shake it up, shake it out, and shake it off” is the mantra of Zoca, a new dance craze inspired by
Carribean carnivals and African pop music. Students love the high-energy and challenging
classes that help boost energy and release stress.

Philadelphia: Philly Dance Fitness

No matter what type of dance you’re into, there’s something at Philly Dance studio!  The diverse dance classes include African Jazz, Cardio Bellydance, Dance Party Boot Camp (a dance class incorporating HIIT) and Tap. Students love the high energy and enthusiastic teachers, not to mention the mega calorie burn!

Atlanta: Valeo Dance Fitness

Valeo is a dance fitness class that combines dance with muscles building moves using props like weighted hula hoops, resistance bands, free weights and balance balls. Students love the intense workout that burns up to 1,000 calories per hour set to the best music.

Seattle: Studio 52 

Studio 52 teaches BaDi, a mind-body fitness class that features a variety of dance and fitness
moves.  In addition to BaDi, BaDi hoop, a class that features hoop dancing, and Strong BaDi,
which is half toning and half dancing, are also offered. Students love the encouraging instructors who help improve confidence, and find the dance floor lit with strings of white lights a great place to let loose.

10zBEYONCE2-articleLargeNew York: Broadway Bodies

Unleash your inner superstar and learn the moves to your favorite music videos or musicals.
Shake it like Bey in the Beyonce class, learn Michael Jackson’s moves or be a part of the musical craze in the Glee class.

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