The Top Spinning Studios Across The U.S.

image1There are so many cycling class options out there it can make your head spin. We rounded up the best of the best spinning spots across the country and found studios that are truly innovative. These are your best bets for attending a class and they’ll make the perfect cardio complement to your favorite Booya workout.

 Boston: The Handle Bar

Students love the music and high-energy atmosphere at The Handle Bar. Each class is different, and incorporates your whole body for a killer workout.

Chicago: Go Cycle Studio

The instructors and music at Go Cycle Studio get a lot of love from reviewers. There are also
plenty of fusion classes, which pair spinning with activities like core sculpting, weight training
and yoga.

Los Angeles: Kinetic Cycling

Students love the state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment used at Kinetic Cycling, which
creates a great atmosphere to keep you energized throughout the class.


Miami: Red Bike Studios

Red Bike Studio’s 45-minute classes use weights, ensuring that your core, legs, butt and arms get a workout as well!  Students love the services and amenities offered as well, including nutritional counseling and cold-pressed juice.

b30Dallas: Beyond Pedalling

Students love the bikes here because they have a monitor so you can see your RPM’s, distance and gear easily. The instructors are also great at motivating you towards a great workout.

Washington: Wired Cycling

With trackers to monitor your power, heart rate and distance, the instructors here will lead you
through a fun yet challenging workout. Wired Cycling mixes things up by offering virtual rides, classes set to certain music (think 90’s Hip Hop/R&B or current chart toppers) and workouts that pair spin with extra challenges like core toning, power drills, and intervals.

IMG_0081-2(1)Philadelphia: Body Cycle Spinning Studio

Students say the 45-minute classes at Body Cycle Studio fly by – and leave them feeling great! Bonus: Your first class is free.

Atlanta: Flywheel

The stadium-style seating and in-house DJ ensure that your ride at Flywheel is a great one!
Students love the killer workout they get, and say you can burn up to 1.000 calories per class.

Seattle: Beautiful Bike

Students love the instructor’s enthusiasm and focus on form.  Real scenarios and simulations
allow you to improve as a cyclist, while other classes focus on engaging particular body parts,
like lower body, upper body and core.

Photo Credit: Allan Maldonado Photo Credit: Allan Maldonado

New York: Cyc Fitness (David Barton Gym)

Set to killer music, each 45-minute class at Cyc Fitness is led by a “Cycologist” who takes your
through a ride which incorporates different sports moves for a killer total body workout.  You can feel even better about your workout by knowing that for every mile cycled, Cyc Fitness donates a portion of their profits to charity.

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