What is CrossflowX? Heidi Kristoffer Explains

Our favorite new Booya instructor, Heidi Kristoffer, didn’t have a favorite yoga class.  So, she created her own: CrossflowX.

CrossflowX combines yoga, cardio and Kundalini Kriyas to create a workout that builds strength, boosts cardio and improves your mood.  What’s great about CrossflowX is that you’re able to do the whole workout on the space of a yoga mat, making it a great option to get a total body and mind workout in a small space.


Flow Yoga

Flow yoga is a type of yoga that involves flowing smoothly from one position to the next.  Heidi incorporates lots of flow yoga into CrossflowX, which is a great way to increase your heart rate, energize your body and learn to match your breath to your movement. The yoga poses are also great as they use your body’s own weight to build strength.


Cardio Intervals

Heidi incorporates regular cardio intervals into each CrossflowX class.  These get your heart rate up quickly which help you burn more calories throughout the class as well as increasing your body’s ability to burn fat.


Arm Balances

Arm balancing poses are seen frequently in a CrossflowX class.  These types of poses are great for building strength in your upper body, including your arms, shoulders, back and chest.  They’re also a great way to improve your overall balance.


Core Toning

Yoga is great for increasing your core strength.  Heidi is sure to include lots of poses and movements that focus directly on improving strength in all your core muscles.


Kundalini Kriyas

Heidi says that Kundalini Kriyas are repetitive movements that are designed to get all the crap out of your body and mind. By incorporating these into CrossflowX, you’ll help to detoxify your body and release any negative energy from your mind.

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