Your Guide to Summer Swimming

Along with giving you a welcome reprieve from the summer heat, jumping in the pool for a swim can give you a great workout.  Swimming is not only a great cardio workout but, because the water provides resistance, you’ll also be building strength at the same time.  Today we have Alyssa Godesky, professional athlete and coach, to give you some tips for getting your swim on.

The Benefits of Low-Impact

Because swimming is so low-impact it’s easy on your joints, which Alyssa says means you can swim daily if you want to!  She also says it’s a great recovery workout from running, to help loosen up your joints and muscles.


Look Down

One of Alyssa’s most important form tips for swimming is to keep your chin tucked.  She says you should be looking more at the bottom of the pool than what is in front of you. This helps ensure that you maintain proper posture.


Increase Your Turnover

Alyssa says that the pool is a great place to practice increasing your turnover, which is especially important if you’re planning on swimming in choppy open waters.

The Big 3

Whether you’re a new or advanced swimmer, Alyssa says it’s ideal to hit the “big 3” workouts per week, like you would in other sports like running.  This means you should try to incorporate 3 swimming sessions per week: a sprint set, a longer endurance swim, and a mixed tempo swim.

Alyssa’s Favorite Swim Workout


Main Set

4 x 50 Meters Sprint, with about 20 seconds of rest between each 50 meter sprint.

400 Meters pull with paddle and buoy.

Repeat the main set 3 times.

Easy cool-down, ending at about 2800-3000 meters total.

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