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How to Perform the Perfect Downward Dog


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Downward dog is one of the most commonly yoga practiced yoga poses, and for good reason!  Adho mukha svanasana, as the pose is called in Sanskrit, offers tons of amazing benefits to your inner yogi; from boosting circulation to strengthening your entire body, downward dog is totally worth incorporating into your regular fitness routine.


1. Start on your hands and knees.  Check that your hands are directly in line with your shoulders and that your knees fall under your hips.  Spread your fingers wide and curl your toes underneath your feet.

2. Straighten your legs as you exhale.  As your knees come away from the floor, focus on lifting your hips towards the ceiling.

3. Push through the floor with all ten fingers to activate your back and arm muscles.  Reach for the floor with your heels to firm up the quads and back legs.  Draw your navel into your lower back to lift your hips even higher.

4. Take five deep breaths.

5. Feel strong, energized, and grateful!

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