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5 Healthy Ways to Use Up Leftover Turkey

Thanksgiving may be over but you likely still have a whole lot of food packed away in you fridge. Leftover turkey is an excellent lean protein but you might not want to have another turkey sandwich. Swap the traditional between-the-bread option for one of these healthy turkey recipes.


Leftover Turkey Pho

This Leftover Turkey Pho from Healthy Green Kitchen is a great, flavorful way to use up your turkey leftovers.  The savory broth is packed with turkey and noodles, making this a great comfort dish.


Turkey, Veggie Tray and Barley Soup

If you’ve got leftover veggies in addition to leftover turkey, try this Turkey, Veggie Tray and Barley Soup from The Chic Life.  You can throw any veggie tray leftovers into this soup, like cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and celery. Continue reading

What is CrossflowX? Heidi Kristoffer Explains

Our favorite new Booya instructor, Heidi Kristoffer, didn’t have a favorite yoga class.  So, she created her own: CrossflowX.

CrossflowX combines yoga, cardio and Kundalini Kriyas to create a workout that builds strength, boosts cardio and improves your mood.  What’s great about CrossflowX is that you’re able to do the whole workout on the space of a yoga mat, making it a great option to get a total body and mind workout in a small space.


Flow Yoga

Flow yoga is a type of yoga that involves flowing smoothly from one position to the next.  Heidi incorporates lots of flow yoga into CrossflowX, which is a great way to increase your heart rate, energize your body and learn to match your breath to your movement. The yoga poses are also great as they use your body’s own weight to build strength.

Continue reading

Your Guide to Pregnancy Safe-Exercise

We know that staying active during pregnancy is great for both your and your baby, but it is important to be safe.  Desi Bartlett, Certified Personal Training and Registered Yoga Instructor, says that any amniotic fluid leakage, bleeding, or fainting means to stop immediately and see your doctor.  Desi also says that if you begin to experience a little lightheadedness, round ligament pain, overheating, or increased nausea, it may be a sign to slow down and check with your health professional.  Following the above guidelines and the care of your healthcare professional, the following activities are ones that are recommended during pregnancy to stay active.




Desi says that yoga is great during pregnancy because it provides a tremendous amount of strength, flexibility, coordination, and a deep sense of inner tranquility.  By practicing yoga with a prenatal instructor, you’ll be led through moves that are safe and effective during pregnancy.  In general, moves that have you lying flat on your back should be avoided.  You’ll also want to be careful not to stretch too far as your joints are more flexible during pregnancy.  Go for a gentle yet effective stretch. Continue reading