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From Our Founder: Why We Love Throwback Fitness

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Remember the days when you’d play freeze tag on the playground? While sprinting for your life (or so it felt like), you hardly realized what an incredible cardio workout you were getting. With that in mind, the guys at Throwback Fitness have created a competition-inspired workout program for Booya Fitness.

When they pitched me the workout concept, I immediately thought of couples and roommates who could complete the workout together. Truth be told, I’m not really a competitive person (my friends may disagree here), as I tend to be focused on holding myself to my own benchmarks, not those set by others. That said, I love getting the chance to spend time with friends or a significant other while getting a great workout done.

The Throwback Challenge begins with a time-based challenge. Your goal is to get better and stronger with each round (so keep track of your reps!). If you’re working with a partner, you have a little extra motivation to try to beat them, too.

Coach Brian then transitions to a “deck of cards” challenge. He’ll draw a card and you’ll be expected to complete the exercises in the allotted time period for each round. If you don’t finish a round, you’ll have some penalty burpees to do at the end of the sesson.

All throughout the workout, you’ll hear some great throwback tunes from the 90s. If you have any requests for new tracks you want to hear—let us know! All in all, this is a great HIIT workout. The time literally flies by as you work every muscle group, burn a ton of calories, and hopefully earn some serious bragging rights.


Booya’s Best Lower Body Moves

There’s good reason behind the adage “Never Skip Leg Day”.  The muscles in your legs are some of the biggest in your body, which means that working out your lower body helps you to burn more calories and fat.  Additionally, having well-rounded strength helps to prevent injuries and reduce back pain. Add these great lower body moves to your routine to strengthen your calves, quads, hammies and buns.


 Warrior II

Though a static movement, this traditional yoga pose will get your quads burning quick!    Bend your front knee to 90 degrees, keeping your knee aligned over your ankle.  Open your hips and extend your arms, gazing over your fingertips as you sink in to the pose.  Hold for 30-60 seconds, and repeat on the other side.

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The Trendiest Fitness Wear to Add to Your Wardrobe

Bored with your workout gear?  Add these stylish pieces to your wishlist, and you’ll be looking great while you sweat.


alo yoga Crush Jacket ($98)

Crops are huge for this spring season!  This jacket from alo yoga let’s you show off just a bit of your abs.


Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve ($64)

The subtle ombre pattern is a great way to add some style to your workout wear without getting too far out of your comfort zone.  Bonus: this shirt is made of anti-stink fabric to keep you smelling fresh.


Onzie Studio Shorts – Lotus ($50)

These boho-inspired shorts are lightweight and loose-fitting, making them perfect for running on the treadmill or simply running around.


Reebok One Series PW3R Shorts ($50)

These graphic shorts add interest to your workout wardrobe, with the Power print adding a pop of color.


H & M Sports Tank Top ($9.95)

Did you know H&M has a new workout line?  We love the unexpected zebra print pattern, and you can’t beat the price, either!


Reebok ONE Series Kaleidoscope Top ($32)

We love the subtle pattern on this top, which has underarm mesh to keep you cool.


Lululemon If You’re Lucky Jacket ($128)

The soft, floral pattern on this lightweight jacket just screams spring!  There’s also mesh in the back to help keep you feeling cool.


Under Armour Women’s UA Printed Perfect Pace Short ($34.99)

We love these unique graphic printed shorts, which have 360 degree visibility to keep you safe if you’re running in low light.


Men’s Under Armour Beast Compression Shirt ($69.99)

Bring new meaning to “beast mode” with this shirt from Under Armour.  It features compression to boost performance and improve recovery.


Lorna Jane Candice Bra ($65.99)

This bright, edgy sports bra is a showstopper, and great for hot yoga.