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Healthy Apple Recipes

If you’re pumpkin-obsessed, why not try another Fall favorite: apples?  Fiber-rich apples have been associated with boosting brain, digestive and heart health, while also supporting a healthy immune system. For something new, try one of these tasty recipes which feature apple as the star ingredient.


Apple Peanut Butter Granola Bars // Girl Versus Dough

Apple and peanut butter is a given, which is why we love these granola bars featuring this combination!  These perfectly sweet, whole grain bars are given a further boost of nutrition with the addition of chia and flax seeds.

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Awesome Study Snacks

Are you back into the swing of school, yet?  Whether you’re burning the midnight oil finishing a paper or meeting with your study group, we’ve got the healthy snacks to keep you going.


Mint Chocolate Chip Green Smoothie // Gator Mommy Reviews

This ice cream inspired smoothie is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Plus, it’s got spinach and added protein to keep you going.

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Beating the Freshman 15: Fun On-Campus Workouts

 Just because you’re super-busy and stuck on campus, doesn’t mean you can’t fit in a workout  – or that it has to feel like a chore.  Try these tips for staying fit while having a blast!


Explore Your Campus

Brienne Peters from Lean Clean and Brie  loves going on runs throughout her college campus.  She really encourages you to get out there, because Fall is a beautiful time for running, plus it gives you an opportunity to meet new people and find new places!  Kim Olson from Fit Kim          recommends walking or biking everywhere rather than driving or catching a ride to incorporate more activity into your day. You could also try checking out the campus pool, or running the stairs in the stadium.

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