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Put’em Up: 4 Tips To Uncover The Boxer In You

Prepare to be a knockout!  The classic sport of boxing is getting a chic upgrade with boutique workout classes popping up across the country.  In this post, Julia Gschwind from Austin Boxing Babes and Brian Pedone from Boxing for All in New York tell you everything you need to know about this challenging workout.

What Makes Boxing Such a Great Workout?

If you’re looking for a total mind and body workout, boxing is an ideal option!  Julia says that while most people think of boxing as an upper body workout, there’s plenty of footwork involved and all the power comes from your lower body, meaning your legs, core and arms are engaged in every punch.  She also points out that boxing is a bonus mental workout as you’re constantly engaging in delivering each movement and staying calm under pressure. Brian says that boxing is a very therapeutic workout and that people tend to find it really fun – even to the point of forgetting they’re working out!

For Women Who May Be Intimidated to Start Boxing, What Would Be Your Advice?

Brian says the first step should be to take a look at a group boxing class – many of the participants are women, and he even goes on to say, “Believe it or not a lot of men are intimated because some of these women in the classes kick butt!”  He also says to keep in mind that you’re going for a workout, not for a fight.  Julia says to look for a boxing gym that uses real boxing trainers to teach the best technique.  You can even call and ask which classes most females attend, bring a friend along to your first class or sign up for a one-on-one session to get the basics down.

Do You Have Any Tips for Beginners or Suggestions to Fix Common Form Mistakes?

Julia says to start off slow at the beginning and really focus in on the cues your trainer is giving you.  She says shadowboxing can feel a little unnatural at the beginning, which is why it’s important to slow down and grasp the basics before you move on to faster workouts like cardio boxing.  Brian says the main tips to get down are “to keep your hands at least chin height, keep your elbows in so they rest on your ribs, and keep your chin slightly tucked down. If you are right handed your left leg is in front and if you are left handed them your right leg is in front. The stronger hand stays in the back.”  Once you get these essentials down, you can begin fine tuning your form.

What Could Someone Expect from a Typical Boxing Class?

A typical class at Austin Boxing Babes includes  “about 3 rounds of 2 or 3 min (1 min rest) Jumping rope, shadow boxing, foot work drills, hitting a heavy bag,  a great amount of ab / core work, cool-down on the speed bag.”

Brian says you’ll learn basic combinations like a 1-2 and terms like jab and cross.  You can also expect to get super sweaty and feel sore shoulders!  To see more what a class is like, check out Boxing for All’s YouTube Channel.


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