6 Treadmill Classes To Try

If running on the treadmill sounds boring to you, you’ll have to check out the new treadmill workout studios and classes popping up across the country.  These classes pair cardio intervals with strength training to create a complete workout in a group fitness atmosphere that will keep you motivated.

Mile High Run Club

Location: New York

Mile High Run Club is a treadmill studio that offers two classes: Dash 28 and the Distance.  Dash 28 pairs 28 minutes of treadmill using intervals to maximize calorie burn, followed by 10 minutes of kettlebell work to build strength and power.  The Distance is a great class for more advanced runners, as it consists of 50 minutes of running drills to improve your speed and endurance.  Think hills, tempo runs, and intervals, with expert run coaches to lead you through.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Location: California, Miami Beach, Boston, New York & Nashville

Barry’s Bootcamp offers a one hour workout that can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour and is a favorite of both celebs and fitness lovers.  The class switches between treadmill and strength training, which each day of the week dedicated to a specific body part, all set to killer music to keep you pumped.

Precision Running @ Equinox

Location: NYC, Boston, DC, Miami, Dallas, Chicago & California

This innovative class used the B.I.T.E. method, or balanced interval training experience, which balances anaerobic and aerobic intervals to create a balanced and safe workout that boosts both results and recovery. Not only is this a great workout, but it’s also a great class for runners to help improve their form.

Shred 415

Location: St. Louis & Chicago

Shred 415 uses HIIT training to combine cardio on the treadmill with moves to strengthen and tone your body.  What we love: Shred 415 works for everyone – you can choose the best size weight for you, and intervals on the treadmill can be done walking, running or sprinting so you get a great workout no matter what your ability.

The Mashup @ Fit Mix

Location: Los Angeles

The Mashup pairs 25 minutes of cardio intervals on treadmills with 30 minutes of Pilates work on reformers for a workout that will burn calories and tone and lengthen your total body.

Orange Theory Fitness

Locations throughout the U.S. and Canada

Orange Theory is a workout that uses blocks of treadmill work, indoor rowing, and weight room or resistance training.  Because this workout uses intervals, it keeps your mind and body guessing so you won’t get bored or plateau, and your heart rate will be tracked to ensure you stay in the orange or fat-burning zone.


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